Damage Control tribute to Pimp C available for download

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As mentioned earlier, Damage Control did a tribute to Pimp C last night, hosted by Matt Sonzala, DJ Chill and Bun B, and they’ve made the whole three-hour show available for download. Get it here:

Damage Control – Pimp C Tribute Show on KPFT 90.1FM Houston

You can read more about it on the Austin Surreal blog. In Matt’s words:

Today marks the day, the one year anniversary of the death of Pimp C. It saddens me, as I am sure it saddens you to know that our man is gone, but you know, we are still here and we have to keep this mans name alive. He was a pioneer, an innovator, a man who kept the south on his shoulders and brought us to where we are today. He and Bun B are two of the most important hip-hop (countryraptune) artists of all time.

They also posted a Pimp C tribute mix by UGK’s DJ Dolby D. You can download the mp3 of that here:

Dolby D – Pimp C Tribute Mix 2008

Propers to Damage Control and Austin Surreal for doing all this.

R.I.P. Pimp Chad. One year gone.

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Chad Butler. 1973-2007.

Chad Butler. 1973-2007.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I got home too late last night to tune in to the Damage Control Pimp C tribute show, but I expect Matt will have the recording online soon.

Not much to say right now and not much time to say it, but I’m keeping Pimp C in my thoughts today, and best believe I’ll be bumping UGK all day.

Tell me something good …

I used to be a player, now I’m gettin’ pimped …

It’s supposed to bubble …

Exhibit 3,975,123 why w**** folks are crazy.

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:: Reeewind :: Baby-Making Music

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I figured the one thing Buhbomp is missing is a solid collection of mid-90′s cheesy R&B songs…and I always try to fill a need. So without further ado, here’s a few songs that I used my freshman year in college to consistently strand myself on second base with. Yes, I was the Juan Pierre of macking. A solid singles/doubles hitter, but not a run producer if you will.

Reminisce along with me…and add your own into the comments.

When going hard in the paint goes wrong

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The O.G.


Thanks Alex

:: Welfare :: December 5ives …

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Holiday season is upon us, with the economy in shitsville and budgets already extended to the max, you know you need another Welfare handout. We got you.

jd | nom nom

Beck – Black Tambourine (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
1st off is a Beck remix (again).  This one is a South Rakkas remix of “Black Tambourine”.  Pretty nifty.

T-Pain – bartender (b.cause spoonie 83 remix)
I never really got into this song, but this remix is right up my alley.  The God B.Cause pretty much always comes through.  This time with an old school Spoonie G vibe.

Outkast – Players Ball (jd Extended Mix) (92)
Seeing as this was originally a Christmas song, it seems appropriate.  I blended together the reprise and the remix vocal and added an inst intro for ease.

Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Mr. Vegas, Kymani Marley – party in session (jd – beastie boys blend)
I did this little blend a while back and recently found it again while going through a ton of music.  This original 12″ (if I remember correctly) was a little hard to find and came out on clear vinyl.  I put it over the “Hold it Now, Hit It” instrumental for a bass-heavy gig I was doing.  Came out alright.

Curtis Mayfield – We’re A Winner (AYB Force Remix)
Lastly, I found this in my Obama folder from a gig I did right after election night.  Great remix of Curtis Mayfield’s “We’re a Winner” with some beefed up drums.  Done by these guys in Japan.


dj lil tiger | holidays got me dizzy …

IG Culture – Consumed (Refit)
This is the dude. It’s no secret I think IG is a genius. Favorite producer, hands down. More brilliant beat work, with word power to boot. Off the IG’s Zen Badizm album released earlier this year.

Trus’me – Vibrations
Sick futuristic disco/house vibes from UK’s Trus’me. Propers to Chicken George for putting me on to this.

Sleepy’s Theme – Grind On
Oldie but goodie. Slept on side project of Organized Noize and the man Sleepy Brown. Off the classic The Vinyl Room album, which you need in your life.

Roger Riley & Teddy Troutman – Buck ‘Em Down
“The Death of Autotune, one track at a time.” You know you want more of this in your life.

Tego Calderon – Ni Fu Ni Fa
Don’t let the name fool you, this shit is way better than “so-so.” Trust. Tego slays.

empanadamn | For the club | Serato ready

Black Milk “Give The Drummer Sum”
Some of that chunky Detroit boom…..bap from MC / producer Black Milk.

Jay-Z “Brooklyn (Go Hard)” Feat. Santogold
Sounds like “Swagga Like Us” featuring vocal sample by Santogold. Supposedly appearing on the NOTORIOUS sound track dropping next month(!)

Justin Timberlake “Magic”
Midtempo for the ladies. And me.

MGMT “Electric Feel” (Remix Feat. Jim Jones)
A little bit hip-hop, a little bit psychedelic-hippiester rock n’ roll.

Noreaga “Rotate” (Feat. Ron Brows & Busta Rhymes)
On the run eating (and it shows), N.O.R.E. comes out the gate with that ol’ WHAT! WHAT!

Watch out for the move!!! I tried to warn ya!!!

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With a knowing nod to one of the best lines from one of the greatest basketball — make that sports — movies of all time, I present Derrick Rose kindly making Andre Miller look for the mythical wet spot on the floor that he slipped on.

Thank whichever mythological creature you believe in for the return of basketball.

Pushermat’s “Mellow Out It’s Christmastime”

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The homie Matt Sonzala, Houston radio pioneer, journalist, promoter and the mad genius behind AustinSurreal, is getting the Christmas season off to a good start with an awesome mix he just posted on his blog:

… this mix is of some mellow, I guess you would say indie rock type shit. I don’t know. Some was from John Peel’s Christmas Special’s at Peel Acres (I’m not advocating stealing but if you have SLSK or Limewire you might want to do yourself a favor and search “John Peel Christmas” you’ll find some really cool shit that probably isn’t available for purchase anyway). Anyway…

Oh Joyous Noel. It’s Christmas. Mellow out. Don’t let the economy freak you out. Fuck it, jam free music.

Here at BuhbOmp, we support all things Matt SoReal, and have been for a very long time. I ruined many a Monday school day staying up into the wee hours of Sunday nights listening to and taping his Dropping Bombs: Strictly Hip-Hop radio show, which was a significant influence on my own House of Phat Beats and Dolla Holla Show radio excursions in Austin back in the day. But to be sure, Matt has never been strictly any one thing, except for a dope dude. So kick back and enjoy his selections. Like the man says, “Fuck it, jam free music”:


source: [ AustinSurreal ]

Freedom School interview with Kaidi Tatham

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My reverence for Bugz In The Attic‘s Kaidi Tatham knows no bounds. The multi-talented musician and producer is finally releasing a much-anticipated follow-up to his brilliant Feed the Cat LP from 2002. Freedom School recently posted an interview with Kaidi by Zaid Mudhaffer of Spine Magazine. Mudhaffer caught up with the man recently to get some quick insight into his new album, In Search of Hope.

Shout out to the good folks at Nutriot (one of my favorite blogs of late) for putting this on my radar.

For those not acquainted already with Kaidi’s skills, peep some live footage of the man (on the keys at right) doing his thing:

source: [ nutriot.com ]

SUPER 7: JayCeeOh and friends killing it in the mix …

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JD played this mix for me while I was over at his spot in BK yesterday, and I had to share it here. DJ JayCeeOh of The Masters pulled together six top-notch DJs to collaborate with him on an All-Star mix. Together, the seven of them really put it down:

I have always had a grip of DJs I know, have worked with, and respect that I wanted to record with. But with busy schedules, banging out a full 80 mintue mix with heads across the country is extremely time consuming. So I came up with the idea for SUPER 7 to bring together all these collabos and put out crazy tapes without it requiring too much work for any DJ involved. I hollered at cats and asked for a hot 10 minutes. They bang it out in a few sessions and boom…SUPER 7…enjoy!

Here’s the lineup:
Steve 1der
Morse Code

Here’s the mix:

**UPDATE: Here’s another link in case the divshare one doesn’t work:

Hit up JayCeeOh’s myspace blog for tracklisting and more info.



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