Guest DJs

swim good featuring jd and dj lil tiger

Swim Good returns to Enid’s this month, and this time the ever awesome LILY VANILLI (Nanachill) will be joining us and showing how the H-Town in her gets down. Come through. Get thowed.


buhbOmp presents:

[[ SWIM GOOD @ ENID’s ]]

FRIDAY | 9 SEPTEMBER 2011 | 11p-4a | FREE | No dress code

featuring JD + LIL TIGER
(Watchu know about them Texas boys?)

+ special guest LILY VANILLI
(Watchu know about that Texas gal?)

Country rap tunes. Hip-Hop. R&B. Bounce. Reggae. Dipset. And a bunch of other good shit. Come get thowed.

560 Manhattan Avenue | Greenpoint
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3913

G to Nassau Ave Station

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+ facebook event page


As always, Jef Cashless and friends are gonna be bringing the classic treats and the new heat this and every Thursday to Sugarcane, the newest lounge on the less douchey side of Washington Ave. This week’s guest is Dj Dayta from NanaChill. We’re gonna be holding it down with classic soul, funk, reggae, hip hop, house, afrobeat and whatever else we feel like rocking!


Don’t forget to ask about the drink specials.

SweetTooth Thursdays @ SugarCane
Every Thursday | FREE!!!
1919 Washington Ave
Houston TX 77007.

google maps


Bounce!! Rooooooooooock!! Skate!! Roooooooooooll!!

Come out and celebrate Erin and my birthday this Friday. $10 gets you in and set up with skates. Beer and wine will be provided. Noise provided by Dayta, Jef Cashless and Squincy Jones. Photobooth by Freshgerms.

Roller disco derby themed, so I want to see short shorts, fishnets and loud make up!

I’m pretty excited about this one! Primarily because it’s my first roller rink gig ever and secondly because we’ll be rocking nothing but disco, disco re-edits, modern soul/boogie all night long! Roller skate jams in full effect!!! Oooh and free beer and wine with your entry fee?!! What? For serious? Yey mayne, for serious!

You miss this, you lose. Period!

Jacq& Erin’s Roller Disco Derby @ Diary Ashford Roller Rink
Friday, February 26th 2010
10:30 pm – 2am

1820 South Dairy Ashford Street
Houston, TX 77077-4702
(281) 493-5651

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For our 10th episode, we’re blessed to present an all-vinyl, one-take, eclectic mix from Austin’s prolific DJ, designer, artist, and musician — DJ STARSIGN:

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“DJ Starsign was more of a rock guy (maybe new wave rock is more appropriate) when he started listening to De La Soul, Ice Cube, Run DMC, EPMD, BDP, Jungle Brothers, etc… and fell in love with beats via old funk, soul, disco, and even rock records. He bought a cheap belt-driven turntable at a pawn shop and started buying dusty vinyl in an effort to discover more beat-oriented music. Choosing to find good music from across the board as opposed to limiting himself to one specific genre, Starsign eventually started djing where the m.o. was to play anything as long as it had a good vibe and it fit with the rest of the mix.

“As a disciple of Bomb Squad, Dust Brothers, Prince Paul and Marley Marl, any record with a heavy beat would receive special attention. More than just playing records, Starsign sees the role of a dj as a creator of atmosphere. Taking elements from classic funk, hazy underground disco, house, electro, old school hip and assorted beats and pieces, Starsign’s sound is a melodic, spaced-out, rhythmic, soulful and nostalgic affair that aims to move your boots and make you feel 10 feet tall.”

For more info on DJ STARSIGN:


1. Golden Earring – “Intro”
2. Dr. John – “I Walk On Guilded Splinters”
3. Four Tops – “Still Waters”
4. Curtis Mayfield – “Ain’t No Love Lost”
5. Rolling Stones – “Fingerprint File”
6. Chic – “(Funny) Bone”
7. The Smiths – “This Charming Man” (Francois Kevorkian Remix Instrumental)
8. Bee Gees – “You Stepped Into My Life”
9. Uptight Productions – “Get Uptight Man”
10. Original Concept – “Can U Feel It?”
11. Jackson 5 – “It’s Great To Be Here”
12. Steady B – “Serious” (Ceereeus BDP Remix)
13. Banbarras – “Shack Up”
14. Bill Summers – “Straight To The Bank”
15. The Players Association – “Turn The Music Up”
16. Sea Level – “Sneakers (Fifty-Four)”
17. Ultracity – “Divisadero”
18. In Flagranti – “Effective Placebo Affect”
19. Chas Jankel – “Ai No Corrida”
20. Quincy Jones – “Ai No Corrida”
21. Coati Mundi – “Mi No Pop I”
22. In Flagranti – “Business Acumen”
23. Le Knight Club – “Nymphae Song”
24. I:Cube – “Un Proton Pour Toi, Un Neutron Pour Moi”
25. Roy Davis Jr. – “Rock Shock”
26. Daft Punk – “Robot Rock”
27. Breakwater – “Release The Beast”
28. TPO – “Family Stone Beat”
29. The Police – “When The World Keeps Running Down, You Make The Best of What’s Still Around”
30. TPO – “Life Is Science”
31. Pumpkin – “King Of The Beat”
32. Cristina – “Temporarily Yours”
33. Don Armando’s 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band – “Deputy of Love”
34. War – “Galaxy”
35. 808 State – “Pacific”
36. TangoTerje – “I Can’t Help It”
37. Lee Douglass – Oursong 99″ / De La Soul – “Me Myself And I”


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