The —=(] buhbOmp crew [)=— consists of Empanadamn, JD, Lil Tiger, Cashless, and Elz.

They host the —=(] buhbOmp podcast [)=—, a series of mixes from the buhbOmp crew and friends featuring various genres and styles that range from hip-hop, soul, dancehall, soca, broken beat, Miami/Atlanta bass, and much more.


Lil Tiger

Caribbean-born, Houston-raised DJ Lil Tiger cultivates his soulful sound from a blend of r&b, funk, disco, house, funky house/uk funky, broken beat, soca, dancehall, afro-latin rhythms and Hip-Hop.

He is the founder —=(] buhbOmp [)=—, co-host of Touch and Feel Radio (Houston/NYC), and a fixture on DJ Sun‘s renowned Houston radio show Soular Grooves (KPFT).

The Queens-based Arubian DJ has opened for Brand Nubian, Nickodemus and Jazzanova and has spun at storied NYC institutions The Rub and S.O.B’s.

Recently, Lil Tiger has helped organize parties and events as a member of the Sound Liberation Front, a Brooklyn-based, non-profit music and culture organization devoted to the power of music as a liberating and unifying force capable of catalyzing positive social change.

He also co-hosted two of Texas’ seminal underground Hip-Hop shows, the House of Phat Beats (Austin/KVRX) and the Dolla Holla Show (Austin/KO.OP).

He has released five mix CDs: Na Mundo (house + broken beat), Night Groove Vol. 1-3 (live broken beat mixes), and Chainsaw Juggling Vol. 1 (dancehall), all under the Parakitachi umbrella.



– Was Gene Simmons for Halloween in Kindergarten
– First real show was Fugazi
– Once used a receiver with a built-in 8-track player as a make-shift mixer
– Has DJed 16 hours within a 24 hour period
– Will play the IO Digital Cable song if you request reggaeton


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