Way back before the interwebs and series of tubes, people used to trade/barter rap goodies on cassettes or record music straight from radio shows. Well, some people may have been messing around with girls or avoiding playing Bill Walsh College Football and NHL 94 like the meaning of life was trapped inside the game … but those people missed out. Ahem, moving on.

I think I became an official tape barterer with many of the people on this site (looking at you Lil Tiger, Cashless, K. Orr), plus we all had our own connections spread out around the world that would bring us a few treats from time to time.

Back in the day, we would treat these like buried treasures, playing them on our radio shows (usually complete with us talking over a part of it, just to be assholes or protect our “exclusives”). Seems kinda funny now in the mpfree age, I know. So anyway, I’ve had these tapes sitting around for many years now and have always wanted to digitize them. This is tape one in the process. I’m going to try and put up one or two every week or so, the “or so” being in place to protect me from ridicule when I post vol 2 up six months from now.

I’ve included a pic of the tape case below, which gives you a track listing. Comically, this tape was titled, “Some Shit U Ain’t Got!!!”. Yes, with the “U” and the three exclamation marks. Clever naming FAIL, indeed. My favorites include the Nas freestyle–the third verse is banana mango hotness (inside joke alert), plus the “you better get it on time kid” line was used often by me back in the day for no reason. The Mr. Voodoo songs also are nice, Voodoo was way too slept on for that time.


Track Listing:
Mr. Voodoo – Magic
Mr. Voodoo – Hemlock
Stretch & Bobbito – A random freestyle that “Chill” Will Strickland (Houston folks definitely know the name) was really feeling and dubbed for me.
Nas “freestyle”
Artifacts & Total Pack
Kool Keith – Kick a Dope Verse
Kool Keith – Shit is Wack
Kool Keith – Rhymes I Sniff
Kool Keith – Peein’ on Em’
Ultramgnetic MC’s – Checkin My Style

Download: Some Shit U Ain’t Got!!! Cassette

[audio:|titles=Jansport Music Vol. 1]

:: Reeewind :: Disagreement

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If there’s one thing I cant stand, its a whole bunch of agreement. you agree that you are great, you agree that you can do no wrong and you agree that your music is the best and this stuff sucks and this movie was better than that movie and you are generally better than anyone that you haven’t or have gotten to know.

Well let me tell you this, you might think you are awesome (which you are not), but you ain’t:

nor are you:

and you surely ain’t!:

I hope that I’ve made my point clear. So as you are sitting on your toilet, reading whatever magazine that helps you sneer the best, remember until you blessed as many as the devastating rev tom, you’re still just a constipated west coast unknown monkey on daytons.

you’re welcome

And now for something completely different!

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This is Pelican, they are from Chicago and while they may not sing and dance, they play the kind of music that scares children, women and well, just about everybody else. How can you not love that?


and another thing…

I am very glad that I never have to worry about getting enough of my daily dose of lil wayne!

This past weekend I wrecked my first rental car! And I did it with no insurance! Top that, loser!

and because I never lie, (and I know you wanna know) lil tiger played strong safety for the Suwannee Bulldogs in ’68, here’s our team picture:

Lil Tiger(66), Empandamn(20), JD(60), Elz(84), Cashless(22) and me, HR(25)

Lil Tiger(66), Empandamn(20), JD(60), Elz(84), Cashless(22) and me, HR(25)

We eventually lost in the championship game, 17-14, I missed the field goal cause I was looking up the dress of this Hamilton County cheerleader … 

Damn you, Hamilton County!

Damn you, Hamilton County!

You’re Welcome.

50 Years Of The Beat: Bossa Nova

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While dropping a gem on em, I was listening to my local jazz station and chanced upon a special on bossa nova.

I thought this was going to be the typical white-washed doc focusing on Charlie Byrd/Stan Getz, etc. … Well, did I eat my fair share of crow or what? This 2 hr special was official. It totally blew my mind to hear laaar gloooves like Tenório Jr. on a commercial station. My mind was blown at how thorough the research was, props to Simon Rentner for putting in the work. Hopefully the older white folk demographic tuning in learned more about the music and decided to purchase these obscure works.

The piece featured interviews with folks like Joyce, Carlos Lyra, Cesar Camargo Mariano (Sambalanço Trio, Som Tres, CIA) and featured quite a few rare live recordings from the bottles alley era. The tidbits on João Gilberto alone got me “opin.”

Super duper listen….

WBGO – 50 Years Of The Beat
(scroll down on that page to find the links to the streams, or click below)
listen to hour one
listen to hour two

KC Flightt – Planet E

Jungle Brothers – I’ll House you

Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove

Mr. Lee – Get Busy

Bonus #1: “House of Trez” Documentary from 1991 on House/Hip House dancers in the NYC club scene. Via Dance Masterz.

Bonus #2: Footage from the 1992 PBS documentary on Hip House and Freestyle dancing. “Wreckin Shop From Brooklyn”. Also via Dance Masterz.

Just like the movie “Flash Dance” is so important for the history of bboying culure, this clip is extremely important when we talk about hip hop dance culutre. This clip you see here is actually edited sequence of several excerpts from a documentary “Wreckin Shop from Brooklyn”. This documentary was aired in PBS in 1992. Directed by music video director, Dian Martel, this documentary captured the vibe of golden age of hip hop era -early 90s. It features hip hop and house dancers in New York such as Mop Top Crew (Buddha Stretch, Peter Paul, Caleaf, Henry Link, E-Joe) and Misfitss (Rubberband, Marquest, Kito, Peek A Boo, Prancer). As many people consider this era as golden age of hip hop dancing, I recall music videos in this era featured lot of real hip hop dancers unlike today’s music video where you see the mixture of jazz and hip hop. One interesting dancer in this video is Kito from Misfitss. He has his unique rhythm in dancing though it may hard to see that in this video. But I saw him dancing in other video and he was different in a sense that he seems to dance off beat purposefully but still look fresh. The best scene comes at the end of the documentary which is the battle at club. In this clip, it starts around 7:20.

Dancers appeared in this video are

00:35 Kito
00:41 Marquest, Prancer
01:47 Buddha Stretch, Link, Loose Joint
03:42 E-Joe, Tony?
03:57 Caleaf, Ramier (Caleaf’s Brother)
04:51 Rubber Band, Prancer, Kito, Marquest
6:23 Kito
7:03 Marquest
7:25 Loose Joint
7:30 Caleaf
7:33 Loose joint
7:43 Peek a boo
7:49 Peter paul
8:00 Stretch
8:15 Rubber band
8:23 kito
8:27 Peek A Boo
8:36 Peter paul
8:47 Kito
8:51 Marquest
9:01 Rubber Band
9:10 Marquest
9:14 Ramier
9:19 Marquest

wbunch Recorded on New Year’s Eve 1987.

If you want to hear to the sound of West London on NYE in ‘87 then it probably doesn’t get much better than this for capturing the vibe (it’s rough though). If anyone has the DJ Milo Wild Bunch compilation this is where the live segments came from. Nice to hear the Wild Bunch and Soul II Soul in full flow in a club setting, especially when Daddy G of Wild Bunch/Massive Attack fame can’t remember the name of their new record (’it’s so fresh I can’t remember’) and that record is their seminal cover of ‘The Look of Love’. Top man.

Download here.

Via Test Pressing.

Bonus: More of The Wild Bunch.

:: Reeewind :: New Jack Swang & Bang

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It’s been a minute since our last installment of ::REEEWIND::, so I’m bring it back and taking it back with some of the New… Jack Swing that is..

I also gotta bless this post by once again strongly stating, FUCK UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!!! I would have liked to have posted much, much more, but couldn’t due to Universal’s policy of disabling embedding of any youtube videos from artists signed to the label. To reiterate, FUCK UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!!!

High 5 – I like the Way (R.I.P. Tony Thompson) Waco, Texas, stand up.

Guy – Teddy’s Jam. Guy is the archetype of New Jack Swing. No other group embodied the sound or LOOK of NJS, like Guy. Back in the day, we used to sing “Tooooooe.. Toooooe Jam”, during the intro. HA~! Memories.

Today – Him or Me

Jane Child – I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love (Teddy Riley edit). What happened to this chic?

Father MC – Treat em Like They Wanna Be Treated. Upon further review of dude’s steez, Father really wanted to be Bobby Brown, like bad.

His name is Derrick Jones, the TR808, but you can call him D-Nice. And while you were pounding away your nonexistent screenplay and working on finishing that second short stack of pancakes, D-Nice has been quietly directing a series of short films that chronicle obscure twists and turns in hip hop’s private quarters that have shaped some of the biggest cuts in it’s history. Also, if weren’t aware, dude is pretty sharp with the clickety flash as well.

Here, D-Nice captures some inside scoop on Joe Ski Love’s hit “Pee Wee Dance”. Stick around for some watershed commentary on “ringtone rappers”.

True Hip-Hop Stories: Joe Ski Love from D-Nice on Vimeo.

There’s 6 episodes so far, and by the upload date and times, I’m sure there will be much more to come. You can peep the whole series here.

Bonus: The irony of Masta Ace’s piece is only matched by the films beauty.

True Hip-Hop Stories: Masta Ace from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Ace Duece – R.S.F.

You’re gonna have to listen to this one to get the acronym.

Big Mello – Funkwichamind

R.I.P. to one of my favorite rappers from the hometown. Some of that 90’s G-funk sound that was so popular in Houston back in the day. Video starts with an ill Curtis Mayfield remake.

Menace Clan – What U Sayin

Menace Clan was signed to Rap-A-Lot although they were from South Central, LA. As the god, R. Gabriel is quick to point out, Menace Clan was part of the infamous Project Blowed / Good Life crews.

Blacc Monks – Buddha Nature

MR. 3-2’s voice was clearly influenced by Snoop.

South Circle – New Day

Tony Draper’s custom convertible Lexus got a lot of play in all of the SuaveHouse media.

‘ear dis! Sorry Les, but that one reminded me of Mr. Ugly Man. This skit was one of the more memorable parodies for In Living Color. So, so gooood.

Shabba Ranks “Mr. Lover Man” (Feat. Chevelle Franklin)


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