It’s been a minute since our last installment of ::REEEWIND::, so I’m bring it back and taking it back with some of the New… Jack Swing that is..

I also gotta bless this post by once again strongly stating, FUCK UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!!! I would have liked to have posted much, much more, but couldn’t due to Universal’s policy of disabling embedding of any youtube videos from artists signed to the label. To reiterate, FUCK UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!!!

High 5 – I like the Way (R.I.P. Tony Thompson) Waco, Texas, stand up.

Guy – Teddy’s Jam. Guy is the archetype of New Jack Swing. No other group embodied the sound or LOOK of NJS, like Guy. Back in the day, we used to sing “Tooooooe.. Toooooe Jam”, during the intro. HA~! Memories.

Today – Him or Me

Jane Child – I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love (Teddy Riley edit). What happened to this chic?

Father MC – Treat em Like They Wanna Be Treated. Upon further review of dude’s steez, Father really wanted to be Bobby Brown, like bad.