impulse travels radio show w/ dj lil tiger + empanadamn

impulse travels radio. episode 466. 22 december 2021.

feat. music from Little Brother, Dego + Obenewa, Roy Ayers, Sault, Rema, Big Freedia + Ms. Tee, Kendrick Lamar + Flosstradamus, Shafiq Hasayn + Jimetta Rose, Donnie Hathaway + Collipark, Lord Echo + Lisa Tomlins and more.

Check out the latest episode of DJ Lil Tiger and Empanadamn’s Impulse Travels Radio Show on WHCR 90.3fm in Harlem and Traklife Radio in downtown L.A.

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photo: St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. New Orleans. | by Morgan Petroski via Unsplash.

Our 12/22 episode features music from Little Brother (Durham), Dego + Obenewa (London ), Roy Ayers (Los Angeles), Sault (UK + Chi), Rema (Nigeria + Ghana), Big Freedia + Ms. Tee (New Orleans), Kendrick Lamar + Flosstradamus (Compton + Chi), Shafiq Hasayn + Jimetta Rose (Los Angeles), Donnie Hathaway + Collipark (Chi + Stl + ATL), Lord Echo + Lisa Tomlins (New Zealand), Tyler, The Creator (Los Angeles), Mura Masa (UK), Tay Iwar (Nigeria), Branko + Miles From Kinshasa (Lisboa + London), Coco Bryce (Breda), Sotomayor (CDMX), Trippy Turtle (Tysvær) and more.