While dropping a gem on em, I was listening to my local jazz station and chanced upon a special on bossa nova.

I thought this was going to be the typical white-washed doc focusing on Charlie Byrd/Stan Getz, etc. … Well, did I eat my fair share of crow or what? This 2 hr special was official. It totally blew my mind to hear laaar gloooves like Tenório Jr. on a commercial station. My mind was blown at how thorough the research was, props to Simon Rentner for putting in the work. Hopefully the older white folk demographic tuning in learned more about the music and decided to purchase these obscure works.

The piece featured interviews with folks like Joyce, Carlos Lyra, Cesar Camargo Mariano (Sambalanço Trio, Som Tres, CIA) and featured quite a few rare live recordings from the bottles alley era. The tidbits on João Gilberto alone got me “opin.”

Super duper listen….

WBGO – 50 Years Of The Beat
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listen to hour one
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