The Blind Project

We’re not only about music here at BuhbOmp.

Recently, the homie Cesar hipped me to an organization called The Blind Project that is working to raise awareness about victims of human sex trafficking, otherwise known as sex slavery. Here’s the group’s mission:

The Blind Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and improving the quality of life for sex trafficking victims in Southeast Asia by providing access to rehabilitation services, quality education and innovative economic opportunities.

And here’s a video clip to give a better idea of what they’re about:

Members of the group have been travelling through Southeast Asia, meeting and helping victims of the sex slave trade and trying to bring wider spread attention to the problem.

You can follow their activities abroad at the following blogs:

Downy and Liem
The Blind Project Blog

Note this harrowing bit of detail that gives some perspective on the scale of the problem:

“In 2007, the slave traders made more money than Google, Starbucks, and Nike combined.” Slavery is still alive and well today because it generates a lot of money. It will take a united effort to put an end to this injustice.

Right now, the group is focused on raising awareness of the problem, so peep the links above and pass them on to people you know. They’ll be updating their sites/blogs with more information on how you can directly help. For now, peep the links, get informed and spread the word.