BuhbOmp’s own JD will be joining me this week at SoundLib. It’s been a minute since I’ve DJed with dude, so I’m really looking forward to having him as our special guest for the night.

Of course, the Houston native is known best here in New York for his collaboration with The Rub’s DJ Ayres on the critically-acclaimed Houston for Dummies mix CD showcasing some of the best tunes from Houston’s storied Hip-Hop scene. He’s also known for his killer bounce and reggae sets. But JD‘s range extends much deeper than country rap tunes and bounce.

Dude is about good music in any genre, whether it’s soul, rock, funk, disco, house, remixes or a melding of any of the above. He’ll have free reign at SoundLib to do whatever he wants. I’ve known this dude for a long, long time, and on the decks he never disappoints.

Details below:

Sound Liberation Front + buhbOmp + The BRMG + Rappers I Know present:


WEDNESDAY | 21 APR 2010 | 9p-1a | NO COVER | No dress code

@ Moe’s
80 Lafayette Ave
Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

C to Lafayette Ave / G to Fulton St
Also within walking distance from the Atlantic Ave station (B-Q-2-3-4-5 trains)

maps: google | hopstop

featuring special guest:

[[ JD ]]
( –=(] buhbOmp [)=– )

and resident:

( –=(] buhbOmp [)=–, Sound Liberation Front, touch&feel:radio, Soular Grooves )

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+ going.com: www.going.com/soundlib_apr21
+ eventful: bit.ly/cfR1MW
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