The homie Matt Sonzala, Houston radio pioneer, journalist, promoter and the mad genius behind AustinSurreal, is getting the Christmas season off to a good start with an awesome mix he just posted on his blog:

… this mix is of some mellow, I guess you would say indie rock type shit. I don’t know. Some was from John Peel’s Christmas Special’s at Peel Acres (I’m not advocating stealing but if you have SLSK or Limewire you might want to do yourself a favor and search “John Peel Christmas” you’ll find some really cool shit that probably isn’t available for purchase anyway). Anyway…

Oh Joyous Noel. It’s Christmas. Mellow out. Don’t let the economy freak you out. Fuck it, jam free music.

Here at BuhbOmp, we support all things Matt SoReal, and have been for a very long time. I ruined many a Monday school day staying up into the wee hours of Sunday nights listening to and taping his Dropping Bombs: Strictly Hip-Hop radio show, which was a significant influence on my own House of Phat Beats and Dolla Holla Show radio excursions in Austin back in the day. But to be sure, Matt has never been strictly any one thing, except for a dope dude. So kick back and enjoy his selections. Like the man says, “Fuck it, jam free music”:


source: [ AustinSurreal ]