… or at least, a black person with prominent, rich white people pleading his case persistently.

Fugees affiliate John Forté

Shrub pardoned 14 people earlier today (Monday) and commuted the sentences of two others, including Fugees contributor John Forté, who was serving 14 years after getting busted bringing liquid cocaine through Newark airport.

According to HipHopDX:

The reduced sentence comes after numerous high profile celebrities and politicians were writing the President on the musician and producer’s behalf. Most notably, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and 1970s singer/songwriter Carly Simon and her son were instrumental in garnering attention to the incarcerated Hip Hop artist. Hatch is also a musician.

Orrin Hatch? Are you fucking kidding me? I can’t wait to hear Forté’s work on How His Glory Still Shines (The Remixes!). Should be a banger. Most anticipated cassette of 2009. Bet.