So yeah, we all KNEW this. But a backstory: back in a past life I used to run up obscenely high phone bills in exchange for records to do a couple of radio shows that are of little importance in the grand scheme of things (but try telling me that back then…). So anyhow, I used to talk to record promoters at labels from time to time and one of them would ALWAYS have stuff that I hadn’t heard or found a way to get my hands on. Only he was stingy. He would let me hear them over the phone, but never send the shit to me. One night I’m talking to him and he plays me Biggie rhyming Lil Kim’s “Queen Bitch”…the entire verse down to the “queen bitch, disease free bitch…”. Quite odd, to say the least. He explained that he wrote the song and then recorded it as a reference track for Kim to make sure she stayed on beat, etc. Gotta love the game. So I begged for a copy of it and the dude never sent it. Probably for good reason. I would have leaked THE FUCK out of that tape. So anyway, I’m looking for something today and hit up the ebays to do a search for something and lo and behold, up pops this site: I start looking around and the first thing I see is THIS:

Biggie “Queen Bitch” (reference track)

Of course, I am like holy shit. It was one of those “holy grails” that I always wanted to get a copy of, but never had been able to locate. And that was just the beginning…that site is now permanently bookmarked and I’d like to buy each of the contributors to that site an adult beverage of their choosing at some point in time.

To close, if you can’t write or at least rap what somebody else has written for you then you should find another line of fucking work. MC Lyte didn’t need MC Milk to record a reference track for Cha Cha Cha, did she? [/steps off soapbox]

Changing subjects: Too many other things to point towards there and maybe I’m late on the site (if so, fuck all of you for not telling me sooner). But gotdamn that was about as good of a gift as I could ask for on a Thursday (besides seeing more Pam Beasley on this week’s The Office).

Thnaks to the Buhbomp crew for allowing me to enter their house–let the record show that I have wiped my feet on the rug and am looking forward to sharing random items that I locate on the interwebs for your enjoyment. Well, really it is just for my enjoyment…but you all win by association, I guess.