impulse travels radio show w/ dj lil tiger + empanadamn

impulse travels radio. episode 365. 20 november 2019.

feat. music from Hamacide + Yehaiyahan, Gang Starr + Q-Tip, Lophiile + Col3Trane + Amber Mark, Dino D’santiago, Les Nubians, Young Bae, Grimes + Algorithm, Carlão, DJ Shadow, Frank Ocean, Miguel, Howie B, Daste, Gaia Beat + Yuri Da Cuhna, Dotorado Pro, Róisín Murphy, Android52 and more.

Check out the latest episode of DJ Lil Tiger and Empanadamn’s Impulse Travels Radio Show on WHCR 90.3fm in Harlem and Traklife Radio in downtown L.A.

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photo: Big Raccoon. Lisbon. Portugal. | by Charos Pix. licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Our 11/20 episode features music from Hamacide + Yehaiyahan (Tokyo + Shanghai), Gang Starr + Q-Tip (BK + Boston + Houston + Harlem + QNS), Lophiile + Col3Trane + Amber Mark (Pasadena + London + NYC), Dino D’santiago (Lisbon), Les Nubians (Paris + Chad), Young Bae (PDX), Grimes + Algorithm (Vancouver), Carlão (Almada + Lisbon), DJ Shadow (Davis), Frank Ocean (New Orleans), Miguel (Los Angeles), Howie B (London + Beijing), Daste (Gold Coast), Gaia Beat + Yuri Da Cuhna (Luanda + Dondo), Dotorado Pro (Lisbon), Róisín Murphy (Arklow), Android52 (Tokyo) and more.