impulse travels radio show w/ dj lil tiger + empanadamn

impulse travels radio. episode 343. 05 june 2019.

Four-hour special, combining Impulse Travels and Musical Pathways (in BlackIcon1’s absence) and featuring a live mix by EMPANADAMN.

Check out the latest episode of DJ Lil Tiger and Empanadamn’s Impulse Travels Radio Show on WHCR 90.3fm in Harlem and Traklife Radio in downtown L.A.

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photo: Ntumbachushi Falls. Zambia. | by Alex Berger. licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Our 6/5 episode was a four-hour special, combining Impulse Travels and Musical Pathways (in BlackIcon1‘s absence).

The show features a live mix by EMPANADAMN, and features tunes from Little Simz (London), Sampa The Great (Sydney + Zambia), Cantrell (Albany, Ga.), Sivey (UK), Sammy Bananas (BK), Kan Sano (Japan), Detroit Swindle + Lorenz Rhode (Amsterdam + Berlin), Sarz + Wurld (Nigeria), Farruko (Bayamón), Louis Futon + Keiynan Lonsdale (Los Angeles + Philly + Australia), Haviah Mighty + Omega Mighty (Brampton), Silver Richards (ATL), Amber Mark (NYC), The Jets + Joey Honey (Minneapolis + Houston), Son Palenque + Cerrero + El León Pardo + Cerrero (Colombia), The Pendletons (SF), Peggy Gou (Berlin + Korea), Mélonade + Kujo (Scotland), Maru Marmello (Tokyo + Philly + Hong Kong), Wantigga + On The Fence (Deventer + Amsterdam) and much much more.