impulse travels radio show w/ dj lil tiger + empanadamn

impulse travels radio. episode 341. 22 may 2019.
guest host: DJ HARMONY

featuring guest host DJ HARMONY aka the homie Terrence + music from DJ Yoda + Omar, Marcos Valle, GoldLink + Maleek Berry + Bibi Bourelly, Bryony Jarman-Pinto, August Greene + Brandy + Common, Tuxedo, Potatohead People + Giorgi + Radina Vee, Nikitch + Kuna Maze, Jordan Rakei, Lion Babe, Ezra Collective + Loyle Carner, Anderson .Paak, Little Simz, Nickodemus + Grey Reverend, Muito Kaballa and more.

Check out the latest episode of DJ Lil Tiger and Empanadamn’s Impulse Travels Radio Show on WHCR 90.3fm in Harlem and Traklife Radio in downtown L.A.

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photo: Rio de Janeiro. | by Guillermo Giovine via Unsplash.

Our 5/22 show features guest host DJ HARMONY aka the homie Terrence, a long-time listener, supporter, and legit impulse traveler in town from A(t)lanta with his son Austin. The show features music from DJ Yoda + Omar (Japan + UK), Marcos Valle (Rio de Janeiro), GoldLink + Maleek Berry + Bibi Bourelly (DMV + Nigeria), Bryony Jarman-Pinto (London), August Greene + Brandy + Common (Dallas + McComb + Chi + Detroit), Tuxedo (Los Angeles + Seattle), Potatohead People + Giorgi + Radina Vee (Vancouver + Montréal), Nikitch + Kuna Maze (Brussels + Lyon), Jordan Rakei (Brisbane + London), Lion Babe (NYC), Ezra Collective + Loyle Carner (UK), Anderson .Paak (Los Angeles), Little Simz (London), Nickodemus + Grey Reverend (BK + Pittsburgh + Philly), Muito Kaballa (Köln) and more.