Dub-Stuy Launch Video Recap // Brooklyn Sound System Culture from Dub-Stuy Records on Vimeo.

Now that Hurricane Sandy has passed (and I have exhausted the very last of my excuses), it’s time to play a bit of catch up on the blog. For those who aren’t yet aware, the homie Q Mastah spent the better part of the last year building, from scratch, this magnificent sonic beauty of a sound system he calls the Tower of Sound. Last month, I got to play music through this thing during it’s public test run at the Greene Hill Food Co-Op, and I’m still feeling all tingly from the experience. It’s really the most sublime sound system I’ve ever had the pleasure of spinning on.

About a week later, while I was cavorting about in Neder-Neder-land, Q and my peoples at the Sound Liberation Front hosted their official public debut of the sound system in Brooklyn at the launch party of their new record label, Dub-Stuy Records. You can check out how that went down, and get a sneak peak at the Tower of Sound in the video above.

And just in case you’re wondering, it sounds (and looks) a million times better in person. The next time you get a chance to attend an event where this bad boy is present, I encourage you not to miss it.

You can read more about Q‘s journey to bring the Tower of Sound into existence in this nice little feature over at Vice.

As for what they’ve got cooking up at the record label, here’s a taste of a track with the legend MC Brother Culture.

Stay tuned for much more from Sound Liberation Front, Dub-Stuy Records, and the Tower of Sound.