I have come to see that my coastal friends have become more active here and that makes me smile. I have only one things to add today and thats this wonderful self-titled EP by Ambiente.



They are similar to: Pele, Don Caballero, The Mercury Program and Maserati.

Listen to that and think about this, Hater Resistance might be the only one on the planet that didn’t feel sad about MJ’s passing. I did enjoy the video though.

I just heard this morning that Big Daddy Rack apologized for saying that the chumps who arrested Skip acted stupidly. What kind of punk-ass country is this where you can’t even tell the obvious truth about obvious truths. Obviously this country is rampant with over sensitivity, or as my friend would say, “(insert something here that you will find offensive)”, and I agree 100% because they are more interested in protecting the arresting officers from the assault on their intellects than they are in admitting their apparent deficiency in their intellects.

But back to the music: Nas — 50k in child support. I won’t be posting any links to his music, he needs all the dough. I mean really, with the pink hair, could she really be trusted?

But as I said back to the music:



Very rich, very delicate, like a sick rothschild…

and very unlike myself…

Oh and July, hot and wild. In the last 24 hours, I’ve seen a possum in the road, 3 accidents, a door being broken down, torrential rain followed by stifling heat, a demon in a white church outfit, heard 3 sob stories, had 4 deaths, two medical emergencies and ran out of milk for my cereal. Its been rough…

almost as rough as the hair on your girlfriends back.