Back in 2000, I was witness to one of the greatest (and most overlooked) rap battles of all time. I’ve been asked over the years what the vibe was like in the studio that night, and all I can say is, these rappers really hated each other and all that they stood for.

Ice Pinky who represented Brooklyn, Texas, to the fullest really did not like the fact that That Boy Big Weed of Houston’s infamous Hustle Skwad was not “representing the knowledge, god” and once that was communicated, it just escalated from there.

Download this while you can, because I know Ice Pinky‘s label fought long and hard to keep this battle from being heard.

[audio:|titles=Big Weed vs. Ice PInky]

Use the comments section to weigh in on who you think won. I have always thought Big Weed took a close decision over I.P. even before the unfortunate altercation happened at the end.

* … that took place in 2000, on a Thursday night, at a radio station in Austin.