k.orr had intended to post this up a while ago, but things got lost in the shuffle due to technical difficulties. So, I’m resurrecting this post from the dead. ‘Cause everybody could use a little more BDK in their lives.

Ant Marshall, founder of Lyricist Lounge, put together this documentary on Hip-Hop legend Big Daddy Kane, aka The Smooth Operator aka the Baddest MC to Ever Touch a Mic.

I never got to see Kane in his prime, but I did have the pleasure of seeing him perform a few years back in Houston alongside Slick Rick, Whodini, Rob Base and Chubb Rock. Incredible show. Even as an elder statesman in the rap game, Kane brings a life and energy to the stage that many younger cats can only dream of. He’s a commanding presence, and a living legend. And he still puts it down.

You can catch the full documentary below, or watch it in slightly better quality on Scion’s Easy 10 Filmmaker Series site (they suck for not offering an embed code):