SXSW Hip-Hop 2009

The homie Matt Sonzala at SXSW just unleashed the official Hip-Hop roster for the music conference this year. In his words:

Below you will find the schedule for all the OFFICIAL hip-hop showcases happening at SXSW 2009. There’s so much happening officially, and of course if you do a little digging around you’ll find that there’s plenty of all day and all night parties this year that feature a lot of hip-hop. But I work with SXSW Officially, so I wanted to make sure you know just how much hip-hop is coming to Austin next week, and why. …

The shows run Wednesday March 18th – Saturday March 21st. Every night, multiple venues. It’s really goin’ down.

We’ve got the whole schedule for you after the jump »


* Back Alley Social Club *
Agency Group Presents
Zion I (Oakland, CA) — 1:15-2am
Brother Ali (Minneapolis, MN) — 12:30-1am
Charles Hamilton (New York, NY) — 11:45pm-12:15am
Grouch & Eligh (Los Angeles, CA) — 11-11:30pm
Blue Scholars (Seattle, WA) — 10:20-10:50pm
Blu & Exile (Los Angeles, CA) — 9:50-10:15pm
Common Market (Seattle, WA) — 9:10-9:40pm
U-N-I (Inglewood, CA) — 8:30-9pm
Doomtree (Minneapolis, MN) — 8-8:25pm

* Barcelona *
Skibunny (Belfast, Ireland) — 1-1:40am
The Wong Boys (Silkeborg, Denmark) — 12-12:40am
Round Table Knights (Bern, Switzerland) — 11-11:40pm
Ceeplus (Houston, TX) — 10-10:40pm
DJ Sun (Houston, TX) — 9-9:40pm
Richard Henry (Austin, TX) — 8-8:40pm

* Fuze *
Fat Pimp (Dallas, TX) — 1:15-2am
Magno (Houston, TX) — 12:45-1:05am
Tum Tum (Dallas, TX) — 12:15-12:35am
Blofly (Dallas, TX) — 11:45pm-12:05am
Gerald G (Austin, TX) — 11:15-11:35pm
Money Waters (Dallas, TX) — 10:45-11:05pm
Paul Couture (Austin, TX) — 10:15-10:35pm
Money (Houston, TX) — 9:45-10:05pm
Loudmouf (Austin, TX) — 9:15-9:35pm
Dred Skott (Austin, TX) — 8:30-9pm
T-Solo (Austin, TX) — 8-8:20pm
DJ for the Night: Wes Sanders (Austin, TX)

* Mohawk Inside *
Anticon / Ghostly International Presents
Themselves (Oakland, CA) — 1-2am
(Surprise Guest???)
The Chap (London, England) — 11:40pm-12:40am
Yoni Wolf (of Why?) (Oakland, CA) — 11:10-11:30pm
Dosh (Minneapolis, MN) — 10:30-11pm
Anathallo (Chicago, IL) — 9:40-10:10pm
Michna (Brooklyn, NY) — 9-9:30pm
Restiform Bodies (Oakland, CA) — 8:10-8:40pm
Christopher Willits (San Francisco, CA) — 7:30-8:10pm

* Mohawk Outside *
Bavu’s Revue & The Bloom Effect Present: SXSW SOUL
MOJOE (San Antonio, TX) — 1-2am
Maya Azucena (Brooklyn, NY) — 12-12:40am
Bavu Blakes & the Extra Plairs (Austin, TX) — 11-11:40pm
Wayna (Washington, MD) — 10-10:40pm
Kendra Ross (Brooklyn, NY) — 9-9:40pm
Neckbone (Austin, TX) — 8-8:40pm
DJ for the Night: Brett Koshkin of Waxploitation DJs (Houston, TX)

* Prague *
Grimy Styles (Austin, TX) — 1-2am

* Scoot Inn *
Lions (Austin, TX) — 1-2am
Easy Action (Detroit, MI) — 12-12:40am
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (Austin, TX) — 11-11:40pm
Complete (Ft. Worth, TX) — 10-10:40pm
Homopolice (Houston, TX) — 9-9:40pm
No Comply (Memphis, TN) — 8-8:40pm

* Speakeasy Kabaret *
Brick Bandits (Newark, NJ) — 1-1:40am
Cobra Krames (Brooklyn, NY) — 12-12:40am
Willy Joy (Chicago, IL) — 11-11:40pm
DJ Eleven (Brooklyn, NY) — 10-10:40pm
Bird Peterson (Austin, TX) — 9-9:40pm
DJ Mel (Austin, TX) — 8-8:40pm

* Stubb’s *
Janelle Monae (Atlanta, GA) — 8-8:40pm


Ace’s Lounge
Rob da Bank Presents
Kid Cudi (Cleveland, OH) — 1-1:40am
Rye Rye (Baltimore, MD) — 12-12:40am

* Austin Music Hall *
Big Boi of OutKast (Atlanta, GA) — 12:40 a.m. – ?
Dallas Austin (Atlanta, GA) — 11:50pm-12:20am
Whole Wheat Bread (Jacksonville, FL) — 11:10-11:30pm
Janelle Monae (Atlanta, GA) — 11-11:05pm
The London Souls (Brooklyn, NY) — 9:20 p.m.
K’naan (Toronto, ON) — 8:20-9pm
Colin Munroe (Toronto, ON) — 7:30-8pm

* Back Alley Social Club *
Tanya Morgan (Brooklyn, NY) — 1:10-2am
Myka 9 (Los Angeles, CA) — 12:30-1am
Pacific Division (Los Angeles, CA) — 11:50-12:20pm
AwkQuarius (Dallas, TX) — 11:15-11:45pm
Yak Ballz (Edison, NJ) — 10:45-11:05pm
Foreign Legion (Oakland, CA) — 10:10-10:40pm
David Dallas (Auckland, NZ) — 9:40-10pm
Eyeris (Austin, TX) — 9:15-9:35pm
KJ Hines (Austin, TX) — 8:30-9pm
Superstar DJ’s (Austin, TX) — 8-8:30pm
DJ’s for the Night: Superstar DJs

* Beauty Bar Backyard *
Radioclit (London, England) — 12-1am

* Dirty Dog Bar *
8Ball & MJG (Memphis, TN) — 11-11:40pm
Free Sol (Memphis, TN) — 10-10:40pm
Al Kapone (Memphis, TN) — 8:15-8:45pm

* Fuze *
Kiotti (Houston, TX) — 1:15-2am
Play-N-Skillz (Dallas, TX) — 12:40-1:10am
Superstar (Dallas, TX) — 12:15-12:35am
Boogie Waters (West Palm Beach, FL) — 11:45pm-12:05am
Question (San Antonio, TX) — 11:15-11:35pm
Da C.O.D. (Austin, TX) — 10:45-11:05pm
Pimpin’ Pen (Austin, TX) — 10:15-10:35pm
Ryno (Austin, TX) — 9:45-10:05pm
Lowkey of Southbound (Austin, TX) — 9:15-9:35pm
P-L-A (Austin, TX) — 8:45-9:05pm
Loot feat. Turnstylz (New York, NY) — 8:15-8:40pm
DJ for the night: DJ Grip

* Habana Bar Backyard *
Rhymesayers Presents
BK One (Minneapolis, MN) — 1:30-2am
Freeway & Jake One (Philadelphia, PA/Seattle, WA) — 12:45-1:15am
Brother Ali (Minneapolis, MN) — 12-12:35am
P.O.S (Minneapolis, MN) — 11:15-11:45pm
Eyedea & Abilities (St. Paul, MN) — 10:30-11:05pm
Abstract Rude (Los Angeles, CA) — 10-10:20pm
I Self Devine (Minneapolis, MN) — 9:30-9:50pm
Toki Wright (Minneapolis, MN) — 9-9:20pm
Plain Ole Bill (Minneapolis, MN) — 8 p.m. -9 p.m.

* The Independent *
LA Record Presents
Blu & Exile (Los Angeles, CA) — 1-2am
Busdriver (Los Angeles, CA) — 12-12:40am

* Karma Lounge *
MusicNMind Presents
Camp Lo (Bronx, NY) — 1-2am
U-N-I (Inglewood, CA) — 12:15-12:45am
Arts the Beat Doctor (Utrecht, Netherlands) — 11:30pm-12am
In Stereo (Perceptie en Kapabel) (Utrecht, Netherlands) — 11-11:20pm
Set for Life / Dok Holiday (Austin, TX) — 10:30-10:50pm
Public Offenders (Austin, TX) — 10-10:20pm
Truthlive (Berkeley, CA) — 9:35-9:55pm
Kriminals (Austin, TX) — 9:10-9:30pm
Dubb Sicks (Odessa, TX) — 8:30-9pm
Clemits (Austin, TX) — 8-8:20pm
DJ for the Night: DJ Notion (Austin, TX)

* Opal Divine’s *
Flosstradamus (Chicago, IL) — 12-2am

* Pangaea *
Shwayze (Malibu, CA) — 1-2am
LMFAO (Los Angeles, CA) — 12-12:40am
J*Davey (Los Angeles, CA) — 11-11:40pm
DJ Clinton Sparks between sets

* Scoot Inn *
Blacksmith Presents
1:10am – 2am – Finale Special Guest
12:10-1:10am – Reflection Eternal – Talib Kweli & Hi Tek (New York/Ohio)
Jean Grae (Brooklyn, NY) — 11:25-12:10pm
11-11:25pm -John Forte (New York, NY)
10:30 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. – Idle Warship (Brooklyn, NY)
10 p.m. – 10:30 p.m – Strong Arm Steady (Los Angeles, CA)
Blu (Los Angeles, CA) — 9:30-10pm
The Cataracs (Berkeley, CA) — 9-9:30pm
The Kid Daytona (Bronx, NY) — 8:30-8:50pm
Homeboy Sandman (New York, NY) — 8-8:20pm
Hosted by Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 /

* Speakeasy Kabaret *
Amplive (San Francisco, CA) — 1-2am
Alex Smoke (Glasgow, Scotland) — 12-12:40am
Tuh-nie (Austin, TX) — 11-11:40pm
YPPAH (Houston, TX) — 10-10:40pm
Shuttle (Boston, MA) — 9-9:40pm
Guillamino (Barcelona, Spain) — 8-8:40pm

* Vice *
Easy Star All Stars (New York, NY) — 1-2am
Kraak & Smaak (Leiden, The Netherlands) — 12-12:40am
Yarah Bravo (New York, NY) — 11-11:40pm
Flynn & Pigeon John are Rootbeer (Los Angeles, CA) — 10-10:40pm
Outasight (New York, NY) — 9-9:40pm
Vince P (Chicago, IL) — 8-8:40pm


Austin Music Hall
Devo (Los Angeles, CA) — 12 a.m. – ?
Tricky (Los Angeles, CA) — 11-11:40pm

* Back Alley Social Club *
Busdriver (Los Angeles, CA) — 1:15-2am
Brother Reade (Winston Salem, NC) — 12:30-1am
Mickey Factz (Bronx, NY) — 12-12:20am
Rob Quest (Houston, TX) — 11:30-11:50pm
Son of Light (Oslo, Norway) — 11-11:20pm
Zeale (Austin, TX) — 10:30-10:50pm
Crew 54 (Killeen, TX) — 10-10:20pm
Wildchild (Oxnard, CA) — 9:30-9:50pm
J. Kapone (Austin, TX) — 9-9:20pm
Flynn D (Austin, TX) — 8:30-8:55pm
DJ Tommy Tee (Oslo, Norway) — 8-8:30pm
DJs for the night: Tommy Tee and Superstar DJs

* BD Rileys *
The Trade feat. Leah Alvarez (Houston, TX) — 1-2am
Eol Trio (Paris, France) — 12-12:40am
Kam Franklin (Houston, TX) — 11-11:40pm
Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin, TX) — 10-10:40pm
Nakia & His Southern Cousins (Austin, TX) — 9-9:40pm
LZ Love (Austin, TX) — 8-8:40pm

* Beauty Bar *
AM Only Presents:
DJ Craze (Miami, FL) — 1-2am
Klever (Atlanta, GA) — 12-1am
Tittsworth (Washington, DC) — 11pm-12am
Nadastrom (Washington, DC) — 10-11pm
Kill the Noise (Rochester, NY) — 9:15-9:45pm
DJ Ayres & Nick Catchdubs (New York, NY) — 8:35-9:10pm
Classixx (Los Angeles, CA) — 8-8:30pm

* Club 115 *
Heavy Metal Islam Presents
Mohammed Al Farra of Palestinian Rapperz (Gaza, Palestine) — 11-11:40pm

* Club De Ville *
Biz 3 Presents
Kid Sister (Chicago, IL) — 1-2am
Asher Roth (Morrisville, PA) — 12:30-12:50am
Lady Sovereign (London, England) — 12-12:20am
Thunderheist (Toronto, ON) — 11:30-11:50pm
Amanda Blank (Philadelphia, PA) — 11-11:20pm
Mapei (Stockholm, Sweden) — 10:30-10:50pm
Cage (New York, NY) — 10-10:20pm
These Are Powers (Brooklyn, NY) — 9:30-9:50pm
Hollywood Holt (Chicago, IL) — 8:45-9:15pm
Chin Chin (Brooklyn, NY) — 8-8:30pm

* Music Gym Outside *
Canadian Hip-Hop All Stars
Classified (Enfield, NS) — 12:30-1am
Shad (London, ON) — 11:55pm-12:25am
Josh Martinez (Vancouver, BC) — 11:15-11:45pm
Moka Only + Def 3 (Regina, SK) — 10:40-11:10pm
Keys & Krates (Toronto, ON) — 10-10:30pm
Grand Analog (Winnipeg, MB) — 9:30-9:50pm
More or Les (Montreal, QC) — 9-9:20pm
D.O. (Toronto, ON) — 8:30-8:50pm
Peer Pressure DJ’s (Montreal, QC) — 8-8:30pm
DJs for the night: Peer Pressure
Hosted by Will Strickland of the Urban Music Association of Canada

* Prague *
MC Lars (Carmel Valley, CA) — 1-2am
Lord T & Eloise (Memphis, TN) — 12:10-12:40am
MC Frontalot (Brooklyn, NY) — 11:15-11:55pm
Jesse Dangerously (Ottawa, ON) — 10:30-11pm
Terp 2 It (Austin, TX) — 9:50-10:20pm
Tunnel Clones (Memphis, TN) — 9:20-9:40pm
Phranchyze (Austin, TX) — 8:45-9:10pm
B L A C K I E (LaPorte, TX) — 8-8:30pm

* Scoot Inn *
Ubiquity / Wax Poetics Presents:
Brownout (Austin, TX) — 12-1am
Chin Chin (Brooklyn, NY) — 11-11:40pm
H.I.S.D. (Hueston, TX) — 10-10:40pm
Mayer Hawthorne & The County (Ann Arbor, MI) — 9:15-9:50pm
Damon Aaron (Los Angeles, CA) — 8:40-9pm
The Juggs (Brooklyn, NY) — 8-8:30pm
DJs for the night: Chicken George and J. Boogie

* Stubb’s *
DJ Shadow (San Francisco, CA) – ???

* Vice *
Jokers of the Scene (Ottawa, ON, Canada) — 10-10:40pm


Auditorium Shores
Cannabinoids featuring Erykah Badu (Dallas, TX) — 7-7:40pm

* Austin Music Hall *
Dead Prez (Brooklyn, NY) — 1-2am
Bazaar Royale (Brooklyn, NY) — 12:35-12:55am
Rick Ross (Miami, FL) — 12:10-12:25am
Bun B (Port Arthur/Houston, TX) — 11:30pm-12am
B.o.B (Atlanta, GA) — 10:55-11:20pm
Kidz In The Hall (Chicago, IL) — 10:25-10:45pm
Mistah FAB (Oakland, CA) — 10-10:20pm
Killer Mike (Atlanta, GA) — 9:20-9:50pm
Balance (Oakland, CA) — 8:55-9:15pm
Al Kapone (Memphis, TN) — 8:25-8:45pm
Damm D (Shreveport, LA) — 8-8:15pm
Free Sol (Memphis, TN) — 7:15-7:45pm
DJs for the Night: Beverly Bond and Rapid Ric
Hosted by Michael Watts of the Swisha House

* Back Alley Social Club *
Mr. Lif (Philadelphia, PA) — 1-2am
Pigeon John (Los Angeles, CA) — 12:15-12:45am
Invincible (Detroit, MI) — 11:40pm-12:10am
Buff1 (Ann Arbor, MI) — 11-11:30pm
Now On (Los Angeles, CA) — 10:30-11pm
A-Alikes (Brooklyn, NY) — 10-10:20pm
Bomani Armah & Project Mayhem (Washington, DC) — 9:30-9:50pm
Truth Universal (New Orleans, LA) — 9-9:20pm
Blacklisted Individuals (Austin, TX) — 8:30-8:50pm
Poetic Pilgrimage (London, England) — 8-8:30pm

* Barcelona *
GLC (Chicago, IL) — 12:30-1am
Reef the Lost Cauze (Philadelphia, PA) — 11:45pm-12:15am
Binary Audio Misfits (Toulouse, France / San Marcos, TX) — 11:10-11:40pm
Perseph One (Houston, TX) — 10:40-11pm
The Chicharones (Portland, OR/Vancouver, BC, Canada) — 10-10:30pm
Gigantics (Seattle, WA) — 9:40-10pm
Pale Soul (Portland, OR) — 9:10-9:30pm
Pugs Atomz (Chicago, IL) — 8:45-9:05pm
KB the Boo Bonic (Austin, TX) — 8:15-8:35pm

* Buffalo Billiards *
Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears (Austin, TX) — 1-2am
Solange & the Hadley Street Players (Houston, TX) — 12-12:40am
Pete Philly & Perquisite (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) — 11-11:40pm
Amanda Diva (New York, NY) — 10-10:40pm
Zaki Ibrahim (Toronto, ON) — 9-9:40pm
The Shitsez (Oslo, NO) — 8-8:40pm

* Carver Museum (SATURDAY AFTERNOON SHOW) * Presents Holy Hip-Hop!
B.L.U.E. (Houston, TX) — 1-1:20pm
Dooney Da Priest (Dallas, TX) — 1:25-1:45pm
The Warriors ATX (Austin, TX) — 1:50-2:10pm
Kaboose (Houston, TX) — 2:15-2:35pm
RedCloud (Houston, TX) — 2:40-3pm
Braille (Portland, OR) — 3:05-3:25pm
The Much Luvv Fam – Tre9, S..O.M., Cy, Von Won, & Gifted (Houston, TX) — 3:30-4:25pm
Lecrae (Memphis, TN) — 4:30-5pm
Hosted by DJ D-Lite
DJ Promote in between sets

* Friends *
Chavy Boys (Baltimore, MD) — 1-2am
Emynd & Bo Bliz (Philadelphia, PA) — 12-12:40am
Cousin Cole (Brooklyn, NY) — 11-11:40pm
Blaqstarr with DJ Low Budget (Baltimore, MD) — 10-10:40pm
Nadastrom (Washington, DC) — 8-10pm
DJs will rotate throughout the night.

* Opal Divines *
Los Bad Apples (Austin, TX) — 1-1:40am
Futomomo Satisfaction (Tokyo, Japan) — 12-12:40am
The Pepper Pots (Girona, Spain) — 11-11:40pm
Café Funque (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) — 10-10:40pm
Paolo “Apollo” Negri (Milan, Italy) — 9-9:40pm
Diplomats of Solid Sound (Iowa City, IA) — 8-8:40pm

* Scoot Inn *
Strange Famous Presents
Sage Francis (Providence, RI) — 1-2am
Sleep (Portland, OR) — 12:20-12:50am
B. Dolan (Providence, RI) — 11:50pm-12:15am
Buck 65 (Halifax, NS) — 11-11:40pm
Dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip (Stanford Le Hope, England) — 10:20-10:50pm
2Mex (Los Angeles, CA) — 9:45-10:10pm
Prolyphic (Providence, RI) — 9:15-9:35pm
Cecil Otter (Minneapolis, MN) — 8:50-9:10pm
Jared Paul (Providence, RI) — 8:30-8:45pm
DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (San Antonio, TX) — 8-8:30pm (and between sets)

* Speakeasy *
XLR8R Presents
Megasoid (Montreal, QC) — 1-2am
Skratch Bastid (Montreal, QC) — 12-1am
XRABIT + DMG$ (Houston, TX) — 11-11:40pm
edit (of the Glitch Mob) (Los Angeles, CA) — 10-10:40pm
Machinedrum (Brooklyn, NY) — 9-9:40pm
Nosaj Thing (Los Angeles, CA) — 8-8:40pm

* Vice *
Janelle Monae (Atlanta, GA) — 12-12:40am
The Knux (New Orleans, LA) — 11-11:40pm
Asher Roth (Morrisville, PA) — 10-10:40pm