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I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Baile Funk/Funk Carioca scene that popped off a few years back. Had it been anything like the FOB trailer and not a gang of sweaty hipsters in headbands? I woulda been down like four flat tires.

If you’re in Austin for SXSW, you can catch the U.S. Premiere of the full length with a Q&A with Diplo afterward.

4:00 PM, Saturday March 14th @ The Hideout Theatre
10:00 PM, Thursday March 19th @ The Paramount Theatre

For 20 years, a subculture has emerged under society’s radar. Favela On Blast tells the stories of sex, love, poverty and pride for Rio’s marginalized people. They have their own language, style and heros. It’s a music that’s fast, heavy and violent like the city itself. This film is a flash of a few lives of charismatic people that relate to the funk music and a retelling of the subculture itself.

Funk superstars like Deize, Tigrona, Mr Catra, Duda Do Borell all make an appearance. And traficantes, funkieros, mothers and fathers, workers and students in Rio all have a part to play in funk culture. Its kinda of like the bass that ate rio mixes with Edward Scissorhands.