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I have arrived and I bring with me gifts of the most thowed. First off I would like to thank my boys for allowing me to come through and big shout outs to my peeps in hanoi. Whoop they asses.

1st up, Pelican. Thats all that needs to be said.

Most people don’t know that lil tiger has a wooden leg, it happened during a tricyle accident back in ’98 … don’t ask.

Who am I? Kill yourself.

Sooooo Weeee to the big Hell Billy. Firey William, know what I mean, Vern?

I simply must share that Mr. No No…. now where did I put it….

I’m broad minded, but as the case unravels, it seems as if she might have been asking for it, which leads me to this:  How much does she have to ask before you give it to her? What, she punch you in the stomach? Slap you upside your head? Kick you in the nuts? Do you still go chivalrous? My thinking? She better run.

Pink Cookies remix, will the classics ever die?

I’m gonna end it here, because I need to go slap the shit outta one of these muthefooks… I’ll get back at chas…