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I figured that would get the sneakerheads’ attention.

Before you AF1 fanboys start rifling off hate mail in the comments, let’s be civil and allow me to explain.

Point blank: The Question is one of the most important and overlooked basketball shoes of all time and needs to get its proper respect. I’m sure the AF1 apologists may read that and say, “ok … but what does that have to do with my beloved AF1’s?” Well, everything. The AF1, while a solid shoe in its own right (full disclosure, I own a couple of pairs myself) has pretty much “jumped the shark” at this point and has been overpublicized and romanticized by shoe “investors” and Nike marketers who overstate its place in the pantheon of great basketball shoes.

Why? Glad you asked. Here goes a few reasons:

1. The Question is actually a great shoe to PLAY basketball in. AF1 cult members try to say that AF1’s are comfortable to hoop in b/c Rasheed Wallace still wears them. Shenanigans. If you think he’s playing with a retail version of that shoe, I would like to sell you an advance copy of Detox and Helter Skelter for $5000 dollars. The AF1 is just plain uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and you’d have to be crazy to try to hoop in them for any extended period of time. Maybe it is just me, but I actually like to at least have the option of playing basketball in shoes designed to play basketball in.

2. You will never find a custom “Ed Hardy Question“. Or people who own Affliction t-shirts rocking Iversons. The Question has a much lower “douche/hipster ratio” than the AF1 does.

3. The Question pretty much kept Reebok relevant, much in the same way that Jordans elevated the Nike brand above Adidas/Converse back in the day. When The Question first appeared, it made even the most die-hard of Jordan supporters take notice, with many people I know saying it was the first non-Nike basketball shoe they had owned since middle school (I was in college around the time). Reebok has largely pissed away that buzz and goodwill by skimping on the quality/design of recent Iverson signature shoes and also by not handling the reissuing of The Question in a strategic manner. But that doesn’t diminish the strength/quality of The Question. It just diminishes the white folks that are likely in charge of marketing the Iverson brand.

4. AF1 apologists will say that the AF1 sold more than any other shoe in history, so it has to be the greatest shoe ever. Beverly Hills Chihuaha was the number one movie in America for a few weeks this past year. Sales do not equal quality.

To paraphrase (and actually butcher the context) of Julius Caesar (no relation to Black Caesar), I come here not to bury the AF1, but to praise The Question. And because I’m a realist, I’m even willing to admit that The Question is not the best basketball shoe ever (probably a toss-up between Jordan III, IV, V, XI). Probably not even the most important–without the Jordan I there is no Question. I’m just saying that “kick-storians” are really dropping the ball by not giving The Question its proper due.

What says you? Agree (not likely), disagree (how much?). Tell me how crazy I am in the comments. I’m a big boy (getting bigger by the minute), I can take it.