This is nothing new, but it’s definitely something that everyone needs to check for once it drops on dvd. I swiped this from a fellow SoulStrutter’s blog. It’s the trailer for an amazing documentary on the travels of a German dj through Africa on the hunt for rare records.

Take Me Away Fast

The moto-taxis in Benin are called Zemidjahns which comes from the local language Fon and translated into English would mean “take me away fast”.

We chose this as a work-in-process title for Leigh Iacobucci from Tro Tro Productions who shot a documentary by following me around digging for records and visiting musicians in Ghana and Benin last April.

Here is a 4 1/2 minute trailer that will be submitted for funding applications to PBS and Sundance, I hope one of them might be willing to sponsor the editing and post production of this documentary. If you have any suggestions for Leigh, please visit her website simply by clicking on her name and drop her a mail.


You can find a great article on Frank’s journeys in Africa on Dazed Digital.