I hope the holidays are treating everyone well. Things have been a little hectic lately at buhbOmp HQ, what with the holidays and all bringing fam into town, and me on parent patrol all week. Time on the interwebs has been a bit sporadic.

The homie Aser in Toronto emailed me this little video nugget earlier this evening, tho, (no doubt on some Canadian pride steez) and I thought some of y’all would dig it. I know the good people of Canadia would probably want to give me the gas face and a latte pass for this, since I knew nothing about Nardwuar the Human Serviette until now, and this clip is from July. But better late than never.

Watch as Pharrell gets blown away by Nardwuar’s unorthodox interviewing style, and the deep research that goes along with it:

More Nardwuar goodies here.