New Year. New 5ives. What better way to start off 2009 than with free shit. …

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dj lil tiger | bon anja nobo …

Tawiah – Everystep
The first time I heard Tawiah sing was with Mark de Clive-Lowe at one of his Free Soul Sessions at Nublu here in NY. She absolutely murdered it. She’s got a commanding stage presence and a lot of vocal range. “Everystep” is off her In Jodi’s Bedroom EP, which is brilliant.

Anthony Hamilton – She’s Gone
More people should be talking about this dude. I love his latest album The Point of It All from start to finish. Here’s the bonus cut.

Serani – We Grow
One of the hottest tunes on one of the hottest riddims (Beauty) of the 2008.

Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U. – Wanna Make Love
Big tune! Shurwayne is a champion, on road and on the dancefloor. Backed by his new band Y.O.U., this mid-tempo tune should satisfy the sexy set worldwide. Shouts to the dude El Professor of G13 Sound for passing this my way.

Johnny Ray – No Cambio a Mi Puerto Rico
I know this is off of a Christmas record, which makes this kinda late, but the greatness of this salsa tune can’t be restrained by a season or holiday. For all the Boriquas out there, Johnny Ray got a little something for you.

NOTE: We’ve also added a new section to the site, the Welfare archive, for easy access and quick reference to all our Welfare handouts. The link is also in our menu at the top of the site. …

Starsign says you are all beautiful …

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Hope everyone enjoyed a safe and festive New Year.

Our good friend DJ Starsign, who we featured with a guest mix here on buhbOmp back in September, is doing his part to kick off 2009 on the right foot. While the rest of us were prepping for NYE madness, Starsign was on the decks at the crib putting together a dope mix for the people.

Starsign is known for his eclectic arrangements of genres ranging from funk, soul, rock, Hip-Hop, electronic and all points in between. There’s a strong Hip-Hop bent to this one, with plenty of classics and breaks mixed into the fray. His mixes are always diverse, with a focus on quality selections that know no bounds. Check it out and let us know what you think:

you are all beautiful — live mix by DJ Starsign

On the strength of the opening JBs/Mango Meat combo alone, I know this will stay in heavy rotation for a while.

For more Starsign mixes, check out his archive online at his BASS|BOMB|SUGAR| blog.

Marc Mac is one of my musical heroes. As a key member of the legendary production/composing team 4hero, Marc has been pioneering music styles for the better part of the past two decades.

Over the past year or so, he has also put out a series of podcasts highlighting the work of various arrangers who have inspired him:

I have always been moved by great orchestral accompaniments and the amazing arrangers of the 60′s and 70′s, sadly this art form is slowly receding throughout today’s Soul music. Although I also love the classical/pop arrangements of masters such as George Martin, Lalo Schifrin, Hal & Burt and the great reggae arrangements of Brian Rogers (arranged for Jamaican singer John Holt) throughout this series of podcasts I wanna focus on my fave soul arrangers cats like Charles Stepney, Richard Evans, Gene Page, Wade Marcus, Charles Chalmers, Quincy Jones and Jerry Peters.

Long overdue, he’s just posted the latest installment, forgoing the single arranger focus of previous episodes to pull together gems “from the back of the soul crates, great vocal, string, horns and riddim sections all over these”:

The Soul Arranger (Part 5) – The Soul Crate

Marc Mac’s crates are never to be fuxed with. Amazing tunes from start to finish.

Check out his podOmatic page to catch the rest of the episodes. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, check out the video below from 4hero’s most recent album, Play With the Changes, if you’re not yet familiar with the brilliance of Marc Mac’s composing/production:

Soul Evidence R&B mix …

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Spotted this on the 4hero board this past weekend and I’ve been enjoying these tunes a lot the past few days:

Soul Evidence December 2008 R&B mix

I don’t have a lot of info on this just yet, as the Soul Evidence blog only has a handful of posts. But it’s a good handful. Peep when you get a chance.

Here’s the playlist for the mix:

Keyshia Cole – Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea
Musiq Soulchild – Sobeautiful
Anthony Hamilton – The Point of It All
Stacy Epps – The Way That I Live
Frezna – Yo Yo Affair
Musiq Soulchild – Until
Anthony Hamilton – Cool (ft. David Banner)
The Foreign Exchange – Take Off The Blues
The Foreign Exchange – Sweeter Than You
Erik Rico – Wonderful
2000 Black – So Right
Keyshia Cole – Brand New
Jazzanova – Rockin’ You Eternally (ft. Leon Ware & Dwele)
Dwele – Love Ultra
Daru – Karen Clark Sherd – Nothing Without You pt. 2

Lots of goodies in there. Anthony Hamilton in particular has been my shit for a minute now. If you dig it, holler at Bizzz/G80 on his blog and let him know what you think.

‘ear dis! Sorry Les, but that one reminded me of Mr. Ugly Man. This skit was one of the more memorable parodies for In Living Color. So, so gooood.

Shabba Ranks “Mr. Lover Man” (Feat. Chevelle Franklin)

Newsflash: I’m cheating on buhbOmp…

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…and it feels so gooood. Please check out and critique my first post over at It’s just a short, longwinded intro with some of my personal history with and love for Bounce music. I just hope I don’t get stabbed on a boat somewhere.

BuhbOmp, you knows I still loves ya, baby!

For our 11th episode, EMPANADAMN and DJ LIL TIGER team up on a quick, 40-minute mix of styles from Hip-Hop, soul, pop and beyond with throwbacks and currents all thrown in. We have plenty on the slate for ’09, so nibble on this for a bit and enjoy the holidays.

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You can catch the tracklist in the comments below.

The days are passing by way too quickly. Christmas and Hanukkah are around the corner, and if I hear any version of Jingle Bells one more damn time, I might catch a case …

Here’s the final Welfare offering of the year from the buhbOmp crew. Enjoy:

(click the song names to download the tunes)

Jef Cashless | making L.A. look like Japan daily…

Emynd – Reach Out
The first time I heard this track, I was sold. You dudes talking that, “Bmore is played” talk, need check your crotchety, mad young, old man at the door. Cooley High flashbacks like a mug.

Scarface feat Jay-Z & Beenie Sigel – Guess who’s back
I posted this cut for a couple of reasons, primarily because it’s still embodies everything that can be good about hip hop. Secondly, as a reminder never to take even the most seemingly insignificant thing for granted. Brad Jordan is retiring the moniker Scarface after his lastest lp, Emeritus. ‘Face will be missed.

Hot 8 Brass Band – Get up (Diesler remix)
Not for nothing, your boy, Diesler has quietly become one of my favorite remixers. NOLA + handclaps from hell + sampler = heat. Simple equation.

Amp Fiddler, Sly & Robbie – Blackhouse (Paint the Whitehouse Black)
I really wished the mainstream media would have shown some false sense of outrage at such a provocative, beautiful piece of music as this. Instead, we have a lackadaisical offering from Jeezy and Nas and forgettable mixtape fodder from Luda. Hopefully this seeming to tribute to both Obama and George Clinton is welcome at buhbOmp. It’s produced/performed by soulman extraordinaire, Amp Fiddler, as well as Reggae legends and elder statespeople, Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespeare.
*Sorry DJ’s only @ 183kbps

J-Dawg feat Slim Thug – Ridin’ on 4′s
One of the hardest Houston tracks from 2007. Nuff Said.


dj lil tiger | future perfect

D’angelo – Shit, Damn, Motherfucker (live)
I miss this dude, and I’m still pissed that I missed this tour and have never gotten to see dude perform live. D’Angelo is a beast, and this recording (live in Sweden, I think) just drives that home.

Herbert – The Audience
The closing cut from Herbert‘s classic 2001 LP Bodily Functions. Dani Siciliano showing her brilliance on the vocals. You gotta listen to this all the way through. It’s all about the change up when the keys come in. This song haunts me.

La Rouge – Alla Deng Lobi
An old favorite of mine from Surinamese/Dutch band La Rouge off their #8 Hosse Hosse album. Get inside the rhythm and percussion on this. Big up to cousin Daryl for passing me this CD in Arnhem a while back.

Mr V – Put Your Drink Down (Copyright Remix)
Funky house re-work of this big tune from the Lower East Side’s Mr. V feat. the Candela All Stars. PR-NY-UK connect.

Neon Phusion – The Future Ain’t The Same As It Used 2 b
Another tune from around the turn of the century, but still as forward-thinking and ahead of its time as ever. There are so many amazing layers to this tune and so many progressions from beginning to end — the vocals, the percussion, instrumentation — that I don’t even know where to begin. Neon Phusion was a collaboration between Bugz in the Attic’s Afronaut, Alex Phountzi and Kaidi Tatham. This track features the percussion programming by IG Culture. That’s a combo that just can’t go wrong. Just put this on and let it ride. Tune everything else out. This song is just beautiful. It boggles my mind that this tune is almost 10 years old now.


empanadamn | HO, HO, HOEZ!

Run DMC “Christmas Time In Hollis”
The quintessential hip-hop x Christmas track. The video is great as well. I remember MTV’s holiday commercial spot using this song back in the day with animations by Keith Haring, who also did the cover art to the album.

Carlos Feliciano “Feliz Navidad”
Funky Bilinguin’. As a child, I remember seeing Señor Feliciano rip it on some holiday Christmas special feeling a great sense of pride. Dude has a lot of passion when he sings and plays.

Carlitos “Mi Burrito Sabanero”
Another clasico en español. This is a well known childrens version, sung by a young Venezuelan boy in the 70s. See the video here.

Vince Guaraldi “Christmas Time Is Here” (Instrumental)
Made famous from the holiday TV special “A Charlie Brown Christmas” this song is synonymous to Xmas at home for me. Strangely enough, this track strikes a mixture of emotions – warmth and happiness contrasted by somberness, longing, and loneliness. Such is the complexity of Charlie Brown’s character.

Vince Guaraldi Trio “Linus & Lucy (Pocketknife’s Hark, The Holler Remix)”
A revamped version for the Peanuts crew, this one always puts a smile on people’s face when they hear it in the mix. P.S. My mom does a great version of the teacher from Peanuts.

DJ Still Life posted this nifty little edit up on The Strut a few days ago, and I’ve just gotten around to giving it a listen. And now I can’t stop. Can’t wait to put it in a mix. In his words:

Grabbed this around this time last year from Frank’s amazing Voodoo Funk blog (I’m sure you’re all familiar). It’s a monster, so I did a quick edit for mix-ability. Nothing complicated, but something fun to add some holiday cheer to your sets, courtesy the Mother Land.

Also, if you’re in NY, this Thursday and next (12/11, 12/18) are the last nights to catch Frank spinning @ Santo’s. I’m headed out on the 18th, I’m sure I’ll see some of y’all out there.

Pee Pee Dynamite- “Groovy Christmas and New Year” (DJ Still Life edit)

I been meaning to check out that Santos party. Damn.

Tommy ain’t my muhfuggin Boy…

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We got this cassette tape back in 2000 at Cisco Records in Amemura, Osaka, Japan. Mixed by the self-proclaimed King of Diggin himself, it’s a journey through lesser known, raer and classic releases on the iconic Tommy Boy label. I wanted to save it for archiving purposes, since its fairly raer, but I also decided to share it here. Enjoy.

Download @ 320kbps.

Bonus titular reference (in case you missed it):

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DJ LIL TIGER starts things off with a love-themed Soul set with splashes of classic disco and contemporary R&B. EMPANADAMN holds it down in the second half with a mesh of synthy dance, pop, Hip-Hop and electro.

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