Free Crakk (you know… for kids…)

30 Sep 2008 category: Video no comments yet.

Peedi Crakk (I think it’s Latin for children’s crack) get in touch with his feminine side on yet another Jay-Z diss song. I’m not sure how this is a diss to Jay, since it shows more of Peedi looking more like a lovelorn stalker than a dude trying to beef with a former employer. Don’t get me wrong, I like Peedi, I’ll go so far as to say he’s my favorite rapper from Philly since days of the The Hilltop Hustlers and The Tuff Crew. But really Peedi, you’ll never have her again. Let it go bruh.

Congrats to Houston’s Squincy Jones!

25 Sep 2008 category: Houston, News 1 comment.

Squincy Jones, fellow music nerd & co-organizer of the Thursday night weekly SPEAKERBOXX, was recognized as “Houston’s Best DJ 2008” by the Houston Press. I think it has a lot to do with the art direction of his promotions game ;)

Next time you see your boy, show him some luvs, or give him a huggie.

Houston Press Best Of 2008

Andres Landero, Accordion Warlord.

25 Sep 2008 category: Music 1 comment.

Us buhbOmpers in Houston recently got oopsed pretty hard upside cialis order our heads by Hurricane Dirty Son of a Bitch.

Having the powergrid “really f-cked” (technical term) for a week or so has cialis 20 mg 10 pills been the occasion of a few interesting observations:

1.  Turns out the night sky isn’t actually supposed to be orangey purple.

2.  We really need to learn how to play instruments that don’t need to be, you know, plugged in.

So, the market for guitar dudes being pretty much t-t-totally dominated by Lil’ Wayne and his amazing adam’s-apple, we opted to emulate this dude, Andres Landero, the hardest working man in Afro-Columbian Cumbia.

We’re coming to your town, look for us round-abouts May of 2012.

Whoddathunkit?! Part 2

24 Sep 2008 category: News, Video no comments yet.

So Lindsay Lohan comes out of the closet shortly after Clay Aiken, which is cool, because we’re not in the business of exposing other people’s personals. But sheeeeit, let’s be serious, no one was surprised about this one either.

To quote the late great poet, Pimp C, from the 2007 Negro spritual, “Shattered Dreams”:

Some people gay, what can I say? The only judge is God
But don’t be shame and try to hide cause then you livin fraud
Cause everythang done in the dark, gon’ come to the light
So do yo’ thang, cause cain’t no man tell you what’s wrong or right

Bonus: Pase Rock – Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge (video)

John McCain is a pussy. There, I said it…

24 Sep 2008 category: News, Video no comments yet.

John McScared “suspended” his campaign to “focus” on the current economic crisis. Bear in mind that this is the same dude that said that he himself is “not an expert on Wall Street”. Here’s another quote from the man himself, “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.”

So what’s really going on? I’ve linked over some thoughtfulness from the Huffingtonpost.
Do yourself a favor and check it out.


24 Sep 2008 category: Music, News no comments yet.

… and water is still wet.

Notorious (Biggie Biopic) trailer drops

24 Sep 2008 category: Films, Video 2 comments.

Notorious premieres January 19th, 2009 (one day before Inauguration Day). While I’m excited to see if a hip hop biopic can be done accurately and still maintain some dignity for the artists and fans, I fully anticipate that I will be not only let down, but also insulted. There is hope however. Having Cheo Coker as a co-writer MAY balance out some of the fuckery that I would normally expect from a hip hop based biopic (read: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ & Krush Groove).

Cast and other tidbits here.

Dem a bleeeeach, dem a bleach out dem skin…

24 Sep 2008 category: Misc., Video 3 comments.

Current tv drops the knowledge jewels on the dangers and popularity of skin bleaching in Jamaica. I’m saying, what were these people listening to when Nardo Ranks dropped “Dem a Bleach”.

Check out the pudding-faced mom who makes Latoya Jackson’s face appealing…

Love Lockdown (Electro Remix Feat. LMFAO)

24 Sep 2008 category: Downloads, Music 1 comment.

This isn’t another Kanye post, sorry. This is for LMFAO, a group out of Hollyhood, Califoolya. I won’t front – I first heard these guys on an uptempo Fergie “Clumsy” remix they did that made the track playable for my club standards. The mop-topped, brightly-clothed duo make that nu electro / ravey RARRARARAAARRARRR shit, with humorous & perverse raps over it, upping the fun ante for both rap & club music.

Side note: One of the members is Red Foo, who used to make underground hip-hop with Dre Kroon over 10 years ago.

Although I’m not a fan of Love Lockdown, here’s a much needed uptempo remix. The remix is kinda so-so, but I feel it necessary for club’s sake. Disclaimer: the track is probably using the same unfinalized mixdown version of the track that was floating around a couple weeks back, so don’t expect some magic.

Serato-ready with cue points.

When the Saints go marchin’ in

24 Sep 2008 category: Misc. 1 comment.

Kim Kardashian takes a break from “Dancing With The Stars” to channel energies from the baby-got-hump-back god known as “Dances With Camel’s Toes”. I ain’t mad at the looks of her.


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