Wanna die tonight?

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Rules for the Palin-Debate Drinking Game*

Get yourself a couple six packs and a bottle of your favorite whiskey and tune in to the debate Oct 2 at 9PM ET.

Take a swig of beer (or other alcoholic beverage) each time Palin says:

– maverick
– outsider
– earmark(s)
– pork
– let me tell ya
– uhm
– you know
– I don’t know
– and and
– ah ah
– that that
– Russia
– border(s)
– the name of any member of her family (Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, or Trig)
– 9-11
– terrorist(s)
– crisis
– reform or reformer
– change
– I believe that Americans (or American families)

drink a shot each time Palin says:

– bridge to nowhere
– road to nowhere
– and and and
– my running mate
– Palin McCain
– democrat party
– hockey mom
– lipstick
– pitbull
– pig
– her son Track is in the army
– her son Track shipped out on 9/11
– McCain is a hero

drink two shots if Palin says:
– McCain was a POW
– thanks but no thanks
– the Bush doctrine
– obama bin ladin

*via random email forward.

Click the link below to get a glimpse of the WalMart virus the spread from middle American suburbs to large cities, then on to the suburbs destroying every mom and pop business in it’s path in only 43 years. Really and truly some scary shit.

Flowing Data

Dem a bleeeeach, dem a bleach out dem skin…

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Current tv drops the knowledge jewels on the dangers and popularity of skin bleaching in Jamaica. I’m saying, what were these people listening to when Nardo Ranks dropped “Dem a Bleach”.

Check out the pudding-faced mom who makes Latoya Jackson’s face appealing…

When the Saints go marchin’ in

In: Misc.

Kim Kardashian takes a break from “Dancing With The Stars” to channel energies from the baby-got-hump-back god known as “Dances With Camel’s Toes”. I ain’t mad at the looks of her.


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