The post title pretty much says it all. There’s ALOT more that I could have put into this post, but damn if most of the vids that I wanted to post have embedding disabled. DAMN YOU UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP!!!

Ghetto Mafia – Straight from the Dec

Maceo – Go sit down

Cool Breeze – Watch out for the hook

Witchdoctor – Holiday

Society of Soul – Pushin’

INOJ – Love you down

INOJ – Time after time

Drama – Left Right Left

Dj Kizzy Rock – Yeah Shawty Yeah

MC Shy D – Shake it.

R.I.P. Pimp Chad. One year gone.

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Chad Butler. 1973-2007.

Chad Butler. 1973-2007.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. I got home too late last night to tune in to the Damage Control Pimp C tribute show, but I expect Matt will have the recording online soon.

Not much to say right now and not much time to say it, but I’m keeping Pimp C in my thoughts today, and best believe I’ll be bumping UGK all day.

Tell me something good …

I used to be a player, now I’m gettin’ pimped …

It’s supposed to bubble …

:: Reeewind :: Baby-Making Music

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I figured the one thing Buhbomp is missing is a solid collection of mid-90’s cheesy R&B songs…and I always try to fill a need. So without further ado, here’s a few songs that I used my freshman year in college to consistently strand myself on second base with. Yes, I was the Juan Pierre of macking. A solid singles/doubles hitter, but not a run producer if you will.

Reminisce along with me…and add your own into the comments.

:: Reeewind :: R.I.P. MC Breed

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In memory of Flint’s Finest, MC Breed, who passed away Saturday

R.I.P. Breed.

Wow, this was one of my favorite cuts back in ’99. A certified backpacklassic.

BONUS: Speaking of which… Just because you got Self Scientific & Scientifik (R.I.P.) confused, I present the illest ever outta beantown (Sorry Guru).

Six years. Damn. Our good friend Pushermat, founder of Houston’s legendary Damage Control radio show and an inspiration to me for many years, reminded me with a tweet earlier today that it’s been six years since Hip-Hop legend and pioneering DJ Jam Master Jay was killed. In remembering that sad day, Matt linked to an article he wrote shortly after Jay’s death:

Jay was an artist, a family man and an inspiration. We can’t be so naive as to believe that only sick thugs kill or get killed. But I would like to think that such a shining star in what can be such a dark business would have been exempt from the bullshit of this culture that sometimes seems as rife with murder and mayhem as it is with creativity and spirit.

Jam Master Jay left behind a wife, three children and a billion rap fanatics like myself who can only say goddamn, that DJ made my day.

It’s already past midnight here in NY, so this is officially one day after the anniversary of Jay’s death. But the remembering never stops. Y’all should peep the rest of what Matt had to say, and put a little Run DMC in your rotation in memory of a legend who touched the lives of so many people.

I had a few words about it back then as well:

I went up to KPFT last night to hang out with Matt Sonzala and Zin and to see what people were saying about Jam Master Jay. He was murdered in Queens last night while working in his studio. Some unidentified guy came in and shot him in the head, shot another man in the leg, and then disappeared. Motive is yet unknown.

I actually got a call shortly after it happened from Brent, who was at a show in New York when he heard the news. Unbelievable. Jam Master Jay was a pioneer. An inspiration for many of us who are fond of playing with records. It’s so bizarre. Dude was a family man. Had a wife, three kids. Ran a studio in his community where he would often let neighborhood emcees come in and record for free. If you’ve ever seen how much studio folks charge for studio time in the music world, you know that’s showing some real love. And that’s from Jam Master Jay, one third of Run DMC, the crew responsible for making Hip-Hop global. So you know his shit was hooked up real nice. I got homeboys that have apartment studios where they record vocals in a dirty bathroom and run sound through their living room. Most of them dudes won’t even let their best friends record for free on shit equipment.

Never met JMJ. But you always heard good things about him. I always regretted never seeing Run DMC live. Their shows are the stuff of legends.

I did talk to Darryl McDaniels, aka the DMC in Run DMC, a few years ago for an article I was writing for the Texan. The story was supposed to be about the group, but much of the conversation was about Jam Master Jay, and how their music, and that of the entire culture of Hip-Hop is centered around the DJ. He referred to Jay as the foundation. How true.

KPFT was an interesting mix as usual. There must have been 20 people up there for the Damage Control show. It’s one of the things I love about this city. You just can’t get that kind of mix of culture and talent in too many places around the state. Not like they do it here.

Everybody was talking about Jay. Hood folks and suburban folks. Self-proclaimed gangsters and thugs and squirmy backpackers. Dude affected the whole lot of them. It’s just ill thinking about how much influence Jam Master Jay had. Ill.

Jay, we miss you, man, and we’ll never forget. In parting, here’s one of my all-time favs, Jay laying down the law on that Big Beat:

And of course, the turntables might wobble but they don’t fall down!

N*gga, what you hollerin?! WESTBOUND!!!

You know what time is it!!! It’s Tuesday and that means another installation of Reeewind!!! This week’s memories are brought to you by two of the most unique personalities of their day, The Whoridas. Spread love and stories in the comments.

We loves us some Odd Squad/Coffee Brovaz/Odd squad over here at buhbOmp and we wanted to share the love with you.

Bonus: Can you spot a young Devin?
Bonus #2: What is the year make and model of the vehicle that Blind Rob is driving?


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