I’ll take “non-answers” for the win, Alex. VeePee Debate Redux…

3 Oct 2008 category: Houston, Misc., News 1 comment.

Lately my thoughts have been focused on the upcoming presidential elections and outside of my family, I haven’t been able to think of little else. While the buhbOmp crew’s focus is primarily music and entertainment, the seriousness of the election has somewhat redirected that, at least for me. This has been reflected upon heavily in some of my more recent posts. While I’d like to get back to what makes us who we are, critics and appreciators of music and other artforms, I can’t stop myself from projecting a bit of concern for the future of this country onto this blog. You’ll probably see more in the future as this have been by far the most gut-wrenching election seasons of all time.

More thoughts later.


Houston, you suck!!! Houston ranked DEAD LAST in VP debate viewership amongst 55 US TV markets. We were outclassed by places like Buffalo, Tulsa and Providence, RI. In fact, the viewership percentage was so low that it failed to even register.

Link to the Nielsen breakdown (pdf)

Wanna die tonight?

2 Oct 2008 category: Misc. 4 comments.

Rules for the Palin-Debate Drinking Game*

Get yourself a couple six packs and a bottle of your favorite whiskey and tune in to the debate Oct 2 at 9PM ET.

Take a swig of beer (or other alcoholic beverage) each time Palin says:

- maverick
- outsider
- earmark(s)
- pork
- let me tell ya
- uhm
- you know
- I don’t know
- and and
- ah ah
- that that
- Russia
- border(s)
- the name of any member of her family (Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, or Trig)
- 9-11
- terrorist(s)
- crisis
- reform or reformer
- change
- I believe that Americans (or American families)

drink a shot each time Palin says:

- bridge to nowhere
- road to nowhere
- and and and
- my running mate
- Palin McCain
- democrat party
- hockey mom
- lipstick
- pitbull
- pig
- her son Track is in the army
- her son Track shipped out on 9/11
- McCain is a hero

drink two shots if Palin says:
- McCain was a POW
- thanks but no thanks
- the Bush doctrine
- obama bin ladin

*via random email forward.

:: Welfare :: We got 5ive on it.

2 Oct 2008 category: Cashless, Downloads, Empanadamn, Lil Tiger, Music, Updates, Welfare no comments yet.

Every 1st and 15th of the month (so grab your welfare checks and come on) the dudes at buhbOmp and selected guest selectors (redundant?) present the top 5 cuts they/we are feeling at the moment. We’re popping this cherry today (albeit a few hours late) with buhbOmp’s own Cashless, Empanadamn and the Captain of this ship, Lil Tiger. So without further adoodoo, we present the first installment of Welfare.


Jef Cashless | I have noodling tendencies while djing

Peedi Crakk – More Towels
As you can tell from previous posts, been feeling Peedi for a minute and this one’s the hottest banger since “Take me home.” Obviously, I’m not the only one feeling it. I won’t include this cut in my download package since you can download this tune from Empanadamn’s list.

T-Pain feat Lil Wayne – I can’t Believe it (Dj Illo Bass Mix)
This song goes hard in the clurb plain jane, but up the bpm’s to 114 and add some 808 bottom and the vibe changes from G&S to ass and titties.

Big Chief feat Jim Jones – My Swagg
The steady stream of Dallas artists blowing up seemingly outta nowhere and taking over the southern rap scene continues with Big Chief. This time with none other than the kufi-slapping cappo of the Dipset Skull Gang, Jimmy Jones.

T.I. et al – Swagger Like Us (Cobra Krames remix)
Sick of playing the OG? Well here you go.

Busy Signal – Strappings
Not sure of the riddim, but this is a must have for me. %100 rinse worthy! Holla at it!

download: Get you some…


empanadamn | For the club | Serato ready with cue-points

Bramma – It’s Whatever (Day Rave Riddim) download
Hollow-y / driving riddim x gruff / ghostly sounding vocals = Dancehalloween?

Colby O’ Donis – Natural High (Feat. T-Pain) download
Dude looks like he rolls with Lee Hotti n’ ‘em, but this is a pretty good pop tune with some bass appeal and T-Pain hitting switches.

DJ Felli Fell – Feel It (Feat. Sean Paul, T-Pain, Flo-Rida & Pitbull) download
Song should be huge. It’s got a full club feel with a full cast of your usual suspects for uptempo club bangerz.

Jadakiss – By My Side (Feat. Ne-Yo) download
As much as I hate the term “swagger”, Jada is one dude truly embodies it vocally. It’s nice he threw the ladies a bone joining forces with one of my favorite new R&B dudes. I predict big things for Jada.

Peedi Crakk – More Towels download
Great mid-tempo party track with a dash of funk that gives us a break from all the either slowed or fast synthy beats.


dj lil tiger | 5 random-ass tunes that are doing it for me right now

Stiffed – What You Gon’ Do
lead tune off Sex Sells ep. Early stuff from Santogold.

Raphael Saadiq – Big Easy
off his new The Way I See It lp.

Café Tacuba – De Acuerdo
off their latest album, SiNo. This group just makes me feel happy as shit.

The Lo – Lumdi (La)
latest Camp Lo hottness

Q-Tip – Gettin’ Up
off his forthcoming The Renaissance solo lp. Saw him perform this live at Rock the Bells and it sounded superb.

zipped up for you downloading pleasure

The Simpsons Eeriely Predict Near Future on Upcoming Halloween Special.

1 Oct 2008 category: Video no comments yet.

I haven’t watch The Simpsons in years, might be correllary to The Simpsons not being funny in years, but this year’s Halloween special looks to be a funny one.

p.s. Not funny, “Ha Ha.” Funny “queer.”

“I like the way you talk too”

10/25 SAT :: NYC :: empanadamn @ Front Row Fashion Show :: 10pm-1am

1 Oct 2008 category: Empanadamn, Events: Past, NYC, Updates no comments yet.

After-party action for the TMCF’s Front Row Fashion Show. Stars will be in the building! Last year was crazy. The whole floor doing the Cupid Shuffle!

Saturday, Oct 25th, 2008
Front Row Fashion Show at Roseland Ballroom
239 W 52nd St. b/w Broadway & 8th Ave
Doors at 7PM, Show at 8PM, Party at 10PM
Tickets: $50, $100, $250 | Attire: Chic

1/A trains to 50th St.

10/11 SAT :: NYC :: empanadamn @ Barna :: 11pm-4am

1 Oct 2008 category: Empanadamn, Events: Past, NYC, Updates no comments yet.

Yuppie crowd, but I GOT DRANK TICKETS! Weee!!!

Saturday, October 11th, 2008
Barna at The Hotel Giraffe
365 Park Ave. & 26th St.
11PM-3AM | FREE!

6 train to 28th St.
N/R/W train to 23rd St.

Watch as WalMart Chokes Small business Across America.

1 Oct 2008 category: Misc. 2 comments.

Click the link below to get a glimpse of the WalMart virus the spread from middle American suburbs to large cities, then on to the suburbs destroying every mom and pop business in it’s path in only 43 years. Really and truly some scary shit.

Flowing Data

Cumbia x Dancehall = The Swarm (Cumbia Klash remix)

30 Sep 2008 category: Music 6 comments.

Posting this one up a little late. I’ve been checking the output of 77Klash for a minute, but I’m undecided on this one. Two great tastes that taste great together? Or just a bunch of stuff that happened? Can you really argue with a dude who named himself after one of the greatest reggae songs/albums of all time?

You be the judge.

Do you juju?

30 Sep 2008 category: Music 1 comment.

Nigerian Juju music.  Some call Sunny Ade the king english homework help (mostly himself, and $1 to the first of you Ableton Live nerds to order generic viagra remix this.) But for me, Ebenezer Obey gets the gold, especially on his 1973 school writing paper two sided relentless jamma jam, “The Horse, the Man, and His Son?

“, which wins my jaded heart just on the title alone.

Dancing skeleton drums clack away on top of elephant butt bass drums in infinite variation, pedal steel guitars answer Obey’s jovial voice, “Do your best and leave the rest.”  Will do.

:: Reeewind :: The Whoridas – Shot Callin’ Big Ballin’

30 Sep 2008 category: Reeewind, Video 2 comments.

N*gga, what you hollerin?! WESTBOUND!!!

You know what time is it!!! It’s Tuesday and that means another installation of Reeewind!!! This week’s memories are brought to you by two of the most unique personalities of their day, The Whoridas. Spread love and stories in the comments.



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