Houston, my hometown, has gotten a lot of long overdue press over the years for it’s deeply talented rap scene. Most of that publicity has reached only a few aspects of Houston’s diverse sound. Now, our good friends Damien (D.) of the Legendary K.O. aka the K-Otix and FWMJ and his Rappers I Know juggernaut blog are putting some needed shine back on my city. Here’s what D. has to say:

There’s a movement going on at the bottom of the map. If you haven’t paid attention, then you’ve been missing a modern renaissance taking place in Houston, Texas. If you take a look back over the last few years, most of us have been involved in or connected to some of the most inspiring, influential creations to come across your iPods and computer screens.

Remember these names: Kay, The ARE, K-OTIX, Chris “Daddy” Dave, D. Rose, The Foundation, J “8 Months” Lewis, Neon Collars, H.I.S.D., The Niyat, DJ Cozmos, and Flow Factory. …

Peep the video below, with a cameo on the hook by none other than Devin the Dude. Houston, Stand Up!

Rappers I Know “New Flava” Video from FWMJ on Vimeo.

source: [ rappersiknow.com ]