Rules for the Palin-Debate Drinking Game*

Get yourself a couple six packs and a bottle of your favorite whiskey and tune in to the debate Oct 2 at 9PM ET.

Take a swig of beer (or other alcoholic beverage) each time Palin says:

- maverick
- outsider
- earmark(s)
- pork
- let me tell ya
- uhm
- you know
- I don’t know
- and and
- ah ah
- that that
- Russia
- border(s)
- the name of any member of her family (Todd, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, or Trig)
- 9-11
- terrorist(s)
- crisis
- reform or reformer
- change
- I believe that Americans (or American families)

drink a shot each time Palin says:

- bridge to nowhere
- road to nowhere
- and and and
- my running mate
- Palin McCain
- democrat party
- hockey mom
- lipstick
- pitbull
- pig
- her son Track is in the army
- her son Track shipped out on 9/11
- McCain is a hero

drink two shots if Palin says:
- McCain was a POW
- thanks but no thanks
- the Bush doctrine
- obama bin ladin

*via random email forward.