Us buhbOmpers in Houston recently got oopsed pretty hard upside cialis order our heads by Hurricane Dirty Son of a Bitch.

Having the powergrid “really f-cked” (technical term) for a week or so has cialis 20 mg 10 pills been the occasion of a few interesting observations:

1.  Turns out the night sky isn’t actually supposed to be orangey purple.

2.  We really need to learn how to play instruments that don’t need to be, you know, plugged in.

So, the market for guitar dudes being pretty much t-t-totally dominated by Lil’ Wayne and his amazing adam’s-apple, we opted to emulate this dude, Andres Landero, the hardest working man in Afro-Columbian Cumbia.

We’re coming to your town, look for us round-abouts May of 2012.