The homie DJ Starsign has been active on the mix-uploading recently, which is always a good thing.

Here’s a dope mix he put up a few days ago, and I’m totally digging the vibe. Dude has a crazy good ear for music, and knows no boundaries:

Fall 2009 (a mix for antelopes and beavers) by djstarsign

¬ DOWNLOAD IT HERE (or click on the down-arrow at the right of the preview above)

In his own words:

This mix was another one of those happy accidents for me. It was just another practice routine that I happened to be recording. When I listened to the playback, I was very surprised at how good everything flowed since it was an improvised mix that wrote itself as I went along.

I miss spinning with this cat, for real. We might have to start talking about another Sound Academy reunion in the near future. It’s been too long.

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He’s also got a couple of other new mixes up on his bassbombsugar blog that y’all should peep.

source: [ bassbombsugar ]