This isn’t another Kanye post, sorry. This is for LMFAO, a group out of Hollyhood, Califoolya. I won’t front – I first heard these guys on an uptempo Fergie “Clumsy” remix they did that made the track playable for my club standards. The mop-topped, brightly-clothed duo make that nu electro / ravey RARRARARAAARRARRR shit, with humorous & perverse raps over it, upping the fun ante for both rap & club music.

Side note: One of the members is Red Foo, who used to make underground hip-hop with Dre Kroon over 10 years ago.

Although I’m not a fan of Love Lockdown, here’s a much needed uptempo remix. The remix is kinda so-so, but I feel it necessary for club’s sake. Disclaimer: the track is probably using the same unfinalized mixdown version of the track that was floating around a couple weeks back, so don’t expect some magic.

Serato-ready with cue points.