Kanye Fett

Kanye Fett

So Kayne’s released a mastered version of Love Lockdown, a song that I took as a cry for help from Young Yeezy. As it turns out, his VMA performance of the emo-diocre song must have prompted millions of Becky’s to break out the Visa’s because Love Lockdown is the #1 song download in both the Zune marketplace and iTunes… Finally something that Mac and PC users can agree on.

Top Songs downloaded from iTunes

1. Love Lockdown – Kanye West
2. So What – P!nk
3. Whatever You Like – T.I.
4. Love Story – Taylor Swift
5. Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
6. Disturbia – Rihanna
7. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
8. Crush – David Archuleta
9. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
10. American Boy (featuring Kanye West) – Estelle

There must be some sort of strange synergy between the artists on the iTunes top downloaded songs list, because whenever they collab, vomit happens. But I’ll get to that later…

Here’s the live version of Love Lockdown from Mtv’s 2008 VMA’s that has the Becky’s dripping in their A&F panties.