That boy Pikahsso (@Pikahsso on Twitter), creator of the Fat Ass Albert in the Hood series is a FOOL, with a capital F.O.O.L!!! If you haven’t been keeping up with the series, do yourself a favor and get fam, STAT! Dallas, Texas reppin!!!

This week’s episode, BLOW “The Cocaine Game”, features music from friends of BuhbOmp, Roger Riley and Teddy Troutman aka Death of Autotune.

Peep all of the episodes here.

In this new episode 8 of Fat Albert In The Hood Albert realizes that if he wants to get the fly honeys, jewelry, cars and clothes he has to get his money right so he enters the cocaine game. So he can live the lavish life but little does he know living life in the fast lane comes with major consequences and problems. All his troubles begin when he is sent on a trip to move some weight to the Southside of Dallas for a ruthless Drug Kingpen named Sherman who is notorious for putting hits out on anyone who crosses him or his money …