Karizma is on some other shit.

A couple of years back, after years making a name for himself on the house and club scenes, the Baltimore native unleashed his heavy debut album, A Mind of Its Own, onto the world. Top to bottom, that shit hit hard.

Now, he’s getting ready to put out his follow up, A Mind Of Its Own Pt. 2, and he put together a sampler to showcase some of the tunes on the record:


===> DOWNLOAD IT HERE (RE-UPPED) <=== There's so much ill shit on here, I don't even know what to say about it. Peep the way he flips “Apache” on the tune he drops right around the 10-minute mark. You won’t hear the “Apache” right away, but give it a couple minutes to build up, and then BAM.

He’s showing no mercy in this sampler. He twists up Dilla real nice. He takes Bugz In the Attic’s monster remix of Vikter Duplaix’s “Looking for Love” and creates a whole new beast. Uptempo. Downtempo. Hip-Hop. House. Bruk. Dude kills on all levels. DO NOT SLEEP.

I saw Karizma spin at Ian Friday’s Libations party (one of my favorite parties in NY) a while back, and I promise you, dude is just as major live as he is on the boards. If he comes to your town to spin, you best to be there to check it out.

Holler at dude on Twitter to keep up with what he’s working on, and check out the video below to get a glimpse of where dude is coming from musically. It’s an older clip promoing his previously mentioned debut album, so it’s a good introduction to where he’s at now as he gets ready to hit us all with Pt. 2: